Simona Halep had her breast reduction

Simona Halep interview on Romanian TV about her breast reduction

Recent images of Simona Halep are here:

Simona Halep Post Operation

Simona Halep Breast Reduction



  1. On behalf of males everywhere…please don’t do it!!!

  2. Simona, in my opinion you looked perfect with the large norks, however if it has made you feel happier and more comfortable with youself then well done you for having the courage to do it.
    Love always
    K dog.

  3. You could have made more money modeling or doing Playboy with your beautiful figure. If you already had breast reduction mens world will be a sorrier place.

  4. Simona Halep has big real breasts not implanted like porn acctress Jenna Jameson

  5. From Egypt I’m one of your fans, I like your style of play very much, I’m sure you’ll have a great future, you are so smart, strong and have a beautiful face and smile, wish you my best

  6. bitch you gotta win, i bet 1000 usd on your next match!!!! i like the way how you shake your ass by the way!

  7. Don’t listen to gossips, you are very pretty and good luck at tournaments

  8. I love the way she plays the game no jumping around making all the load noises she plays her point and then goes on to her next one plus if I may say she has a great smile and she is a fox and she has a great game keep going my dear good luck

  9. I love the way Halep plays, her movement and choice of shots that she go after. She is right on in making the right move before her apponents hit their ball. I think this has been the reason for her success because she is not that big or fast, but she is quick on her choices when to move left or right. She can beat Maria but it will take some time to beat Serena. I love Serena to death, so I now love Halep. U go girl.

  10. She looks much better now. There is more emphasis on her pretty face.

  11. Simona

    I love your game. Speed is your best weapon. You have a big serve for a girl of your size, good work.
    I love your defense, keep it up it is a great weapon.
    One suggestion , when you can don’t hit to the corners hit to the sidelines.
    best of luck
    ron yepp

  12. Oh. No. Please. Don’t.
    We don’t really care if you win or lose. We just wanna’ see you rally some really long points. Honey.

  13. Liebe Simona, seit du in der Tenniswelt bist, verehre ich dich grenzenlos: Du bist taff, Du spielst wundersch├Ânes und erfolgreiches Tennis! Und du siehst gro├čartig aus, ich finde, vor deiner OP oder danach: das spielt keine Rolle, ich liebe dich so wie du (gerade) bist!!
    Einige deiner Spiele in Melbourne 2014 habe ich gesehen, und ich war sehr beeindruckt!
    Auf viele erfolgreiche Jahre noch!
    Dein Bernd
    Dear Simona, since you are in the tennis world I adore you without limit: you are tough, you play wonderful and successfull tennis. And: you look so cute, before your OP. or after, it doesn’t matter, I love you how you (just) are !!
    Some of your games in Melbourne I have seen and I was deeply impressed!
    Ad multos successsfull annos!
    Yours Bernd (Koenigsbergstr. 132, 22880 Wedel/Germany)

  14. Te rog sa deschizipagina mea,sa citesti cartea cu mare atentie :entuziasmul chirurgului,pentru a intelege mai bine ce inseamna ,,concentrarea”.Am cumparat o carte intitulata CONCENTRATI-VA!!pe care am daruit-o fara sa o citesc nepotului meuMax!
    Voi mai cumpara una ,o voi citi-o si iti voi trimite un rezumat.
    Legat tot de gradul suprem de concentrare l-a avut marele Leonardo DA Vinci si a fost calitatea de baza care a reusit sa-l ridice pe treptele creatiilor inegalabile.El reusea sa se rupa complet de lumea din jur sa nu mai auda ,sa nu mai primeasca in mod absolut nimic.

    Incearca la antrenamente si in timpul meciurilor!!!

  15. She use to play bad and van, but this time was the worst.
    She tried to defeat the elementary rule of tennis to come back to the middle of the court.
    She was totally surprised that stitched up old woman , she is able to make vinning shots.
    A professional player is able to elevate his/her game according to the adversary .
    She must of get some calming medication ( she use to be temperamental ) She didn’t care .
    Only Bolitieri can help her , because she young enough

  16. Simona says she likes to hear from fans, so as a fan, I support her. I can understand why she did this, and I think she’s still beautiful. I also admire and appreciate what must be endured to be the best.

  17. WOW!, You’ve got to love her for what she is. She did what she did for her own benefit and I respect her that. Doesn’t mean I like it but I’ll live with it.

  18. YOU!!! are my LIVING!!! GODDESS!!!, SIMONA!!!, i simply worship YOU!!!

  19. I think she has awesum talent…very head strong and the makings of a champion

  20. Why join the shallow crowd that has no class? GOD made her very beautiful in her own unique but superb way. Why mess with original perfection?

  21. Simona m-a facut sa urmaresc din nou cu drag stirile sportive!am patru copii,sper ca simona sa le fie model im viata.succes mult simona!!!

    You’re World No.1 and You’re Sooooooo Sweet

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