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  1. zhouyang jewelry factory wholesale store With panic and busy 2020 come to an end, we ushered in a brand new 2021. Compared with the turbulent uneasy in 2020, in 2021, there is obviously more novel, cute and intimate atmosphere. The perfect cooperation between Jupiter and Mercury will bring us a smart and happy time, and the echo between the King of Star and Neptune will also make us have a lot of sparkling thoughts.
    Short reviews: A beautiful turning battle
    Integrated fortune: In 2020, due to the pressure of Saturn, many Capricorn will feel that life is full of fatigue and unpleasantness, even if you pay a lot of effort, you will also work hard. There is no deserved gain, and even some interpersonal frictions are generated. Fortunately, in 2021, with the arrival of Jupiter’s auspicious star, you are more and more able to wear thorns in your life, invincible, and fight a beautiful turnaround, and your luck is also upright. Even if Mercury’s tension may make you encounter some villains in your life, these villains have no way to cause substantial harm to you. As long as you need to be more cautious in your life, don’t take the initiative to provoke it. People, then you can definitely turn around the wind and spend a smooth 2021. Capricorn can wear a star -bodian Baohong necklace this year as the lucky amulet of the year. The rudder star cast by the silver coin can enhance the Capricorn’s energy index, which means that this year’s confidence, clear goals, and move forward!
    Is love fortune: In 2021, the most important minds of single Capricorn are still placed in work. Although you are around some peach blossoms, you will not put too much energy on your feelings. You will try to try how to take care of work and emotions to achieve the beauty of both. Out of the influence of Mars, friends who have already been accompanied by can choose to date with the other half, go out to travel, etc., to create some freshness and excitement, which can improve the relationship between the two.
    Career studies: In 2021, the reputation and reputation of the Capricorn who have entered the workplace will greatly improve, but the tension between Pluto and Mars will still make you have some distrust of the people around you. It is also more inclined to drill the horns. Maybe try to relax yourself, and do not always think about it. Capricorn who are still studying will put more thoughts on learning, and reduce their interest in entertainment activities, so the results will be improved accordingly. However, everyone must pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do not let yourself be too tired to avoid problems with the body.
    Wealth and fortune: In 2021, Capricorn’s wealth and fortune is very strong as a whole, and the recovery trend of positive wealth is very obvious. Your wealth at hand is accumulated through little effort, and you will not get a large amount of property at once, but the income of the small pen is accumulated a little bit, but it is a very considerable savings. Capricorn can wear a bunch of golden toads wealth bracelets this year to enhance the money index. Golden toad is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. It means that adding wealth can avoid unexpected consumption. It is expected that wealth this year and their academic undertakings are smooth.
    Chanded health: This year, your health fortune is still available, but due to the influence of Neptune on Capricorn, many friends will have problems such as dizziness, motion sickness and even neurasthenia. Everyone must also take care of their emotions in daily life, and find that the state is wrong and seek medical treatment in time.
    The secrets of luck: try to eat and talk with friends.