bulk wholesale jewelry The J -curve of cryptocurrencies takes you to understand the crypto industry in depth

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  1. wholesale jewelry collection jewelry What is a J curve?
    “J curve” is a chart involving economic, private equity to political sciences, etc. It can even be used to analyze the stability and openness of a country.
    The J curve can also be applied to the investment process of encrypted assets to understand the potential underestimation of cryptocurrencies with the ability to deliver huge income.
    three stages of the J curve
    Ne let me use the following chart to introduce you to you. The chart is divided into three stages:
    The first phase: ICO (initial coin offering)
    The purpose of cryptocurrency entering the market is to quickly raise funds, and it is usually accompanied by a large number of publicity. There will be a lot of hype in this process, maybe some celebrities participate. Generally speaking, short -term speculators will buy a large amount when the tokens are issued.
    but the token in the first stage is usually not effective. Under normal circumstances, these token is launched on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the company is raising the potential value of funds or the product has not yet been established.
    Therefore, we often see the short -term surge in speculation, and then correction.
    The second stage: downturnal period
    Geographical speaking, the “downturn period” describes part of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, which is affected by the low pressure around the equator. Although there may be wind and thunderstorms in these areas, there are usually long and calm periods, and there are no winds for several weeks.
    This usually occurs in the second stage.
    The first ICO and post -ICO hype and media reports have basically subsided. Speculators often enter and exit. At the same time, developers are working hard to work, debug and develop. Generally, each project takes several months or even a year to put it into use.
    It can be seen that the price reflects the lack of interest in speculators, and there are not many “noise” in the market. In the second stage, everything is quiet.
    Berry research believes that from the analysis of the J curve, for investors, the second stage is an ideal time to be held.
    The third stage: Energy launch
    Early, the encrypted project will be closer to the key milestone and launching cryptocurrencies (whether currency, agreement or enterprise). When we start to approach the field, we will see that the market will become interested in the project again, and the price reflects this.
    It takes one week to buy a token of a project instead of six months. There is a big difference between them.
    I want readers to know which stage we are going to hold cryptocurrencies: the second stage, a project starts to receive attention. Because in the second stage, it was not loved by most speculators, and it appeared on news and blogs overwhelmingly, and there was not much content to be reported.
    This is when we are very close to the profit project. We are looking for regular development and updates, and ensure that the team is reaching its milestone. Are they sure they are leading or backward and established plans? Are they forming a team or a developer intending to leave?
    This J -curve transactions provide us with the best possibility of finding huge returns.
    The J curve means potential opportunities
    We will find rare opportunities from time to time, quickly get involved in encrypted assets, and do not have to wait for monthly publication, or even update every week.
    This transactions are usually driven by events: for example, when some situations occur in the market, it has caused huge adjustments and created huge buying opportunities.
    Ittaising transactions will be due to the potential upward catalysts of specific encrypted assets: for example, the main partner announced or listed to the main exchange of tokens (usually inject more transaction volume into specific token after listing).
    Cleeping currency complexity level
    It cryptocurrencies are easier to buy and store than other cryptocurrencies.
    , for example, you can buy bitcoin on the exchanges (allowing you to use an exchange currency in US dollars) at the cryptocurrency office. You can buy other cryptocurrencies and store them in integrated exchange wallets (also known as “multi -asset wallets”). These are easy -to -use wallets that allow you to store and exchange dozens of different cryptocurrencies at the same location (more information about more information, see a guide for cryptocurrencies exchange and cryptocurrency wallets).
    , some cryptocurrencies can only be purchased on a specific cryptocurrency exchange, which requires using its own wallet to store safely.
    It, in such a fast encryption space, it is impossible to classify, but our “complexity level” aims to let you understand the difficulty of buying and storing encryption.
    In addition to the J curve, there are other related technical indicators to foresee the development trend of cryptocurrencies, such as S curve. Berry research has released “Bitcoin’s S -curve, far more sexy than you think”, and analyzes the long -term development trend of Bitcoin based on analyzing the S curve.
    Want to know how we divide the complexity of cryptocurrencies? Want to understand how we solve and manage complex cryptocurrencies? Berry will release more about cryptocurrency investment opportunities in the future, allowing you to grasp the industry’s wind direction in real time, and in -depth understanding of the enclosure circle!
    Berry research analyst: Eric Wade
    compilation: Lois Li