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  1. southern junkie jewelry wholesale China ’s better coin rating companies include public blog rating companies, Huaxia rating companies, Nanjing Paherian rating company, Anhui Yichen Rating Company, Beijing Public Board Rating Company.
    1. Public blog rating company,
    Start -blog rating company was founded by well -known collectors and author of “Chinese Copper Metaluna”. The appraisal has been widely recognized by everyone.
    2, Huaxia rating company,
    founded by Huaxia Guquan.com, and a first -class industry in the domestic rating company with the public blog rating. It is said that its testing instrument adopts the world’s leading level and has a slight status in the minds of top collectors. Higher than the public blog rating. However, the market promotion is significantly lagging, and in the minds of ordinary Quanyou, the status is inferior to the public blog rating.
    3, Nanjing Paeon Rating Company,
    has started late, and it has only been established in the past two years. The characteristics are relatively strict. It is not that the coins that open the door are suspected to return and do not receive rating fees, but their rating scores are temporarily recognized by Quanyou. Polymers are considered to be the fastest and fastest rating company in the past two years.
    4, Anhui Yichen Rating Company,
    For postal card enthusiasts and collectors, postal card Yichen.com is no longer familiar, because this is exactly the postal card card to buy The platform for the interaction between the home and the seller, as long as it is interested in the postal card card, will know the postal card. In this website, we can learn about the daily market dynamics and relevant information of the postal card, and you can also find the postal currency collection that we want.
    5, Beijing Public Blog Rating Company,
    The public blog rating, the market recognition of the Republic of China “big head” and “boat ocean”, etc. Each price of Yuan also made many Tibetan friends discourage. At present, his banknote rating coin market brand is OK.

  2. roxi jewelry wholesale First, public blog rating company, second, Huaxia rating company, third, Nanzig rating company, fourth, Anhui Yichen rating company, fifth, Beijing Public Board rating company, these five coins companies are good

  3. wholesale bling jewelry dallas tx Individual ranking of coin rating companies (top five): PCGS (Golden Shield), NGC, Beijing Public Expo, Nanjing Parallel, Guangzhou Aizang. These companies will have corresponding pictures and instructions to enter the coin encoding online, and the preservation is high. It can be easy to trade online and good liquidity!

  4. diamond jewelry wholesale singapore The public blog rating ancient coin industry is relatively recognized. Its rating standards are first to look at the status, and secondly, look at the degree of completeness, and finally look at the clarity of the word port; Wende’s rating is mainly attacked by the Soviet coins of the Qing Dynasty, and authority is recognized by the industry. The score is strict; the ancient spring garden is based on the professional website awareness and the rating is a rising star, and the industry recognition is also available. Others such as Huaxia, Ai Tibetan, Polymers, Tianshuang, and satisfactory mid -distance! One of the above -mentioned ancient coins, the rating of copper yuan, silver dollars, and banknotes does not make comparisons!

  5. university of alabama wholesale jewelry At present, domestic rating companies recognized in the industry and mainstream trading websites include public blogs, Huaxia, Tianyin, Parallel, Love Tibet, Datang, Hualong Shengshi, and rating costs. The US PCGS and NGC only rated modern mechanism coins. Due to the limited experience of rating in the United States, it is not rateding ancient currency copper coins silver ingot antique.