wholesale jewelry louisville ky What does graphics virtual mean

wholesale jewelry louisville ky When I assembled a computer, I needed a 1G graphics card. Why did Master Lu test 512? I asked the seller to say that it was right because it was virtual.

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  1. jewelry envelopes wholesale The graphics card cannot be virtual. It is said to be a video memory but in fact the technology of the video memory is not called virtual. It is called TC or HM. It means that the memory of the memory is used as a video memory. In fact, the performance of the performance of the performance is purely a business.

  2. cheap wholesale kids jewelry That is, the memory of your graphics card is 512 occupied 512 memory. The memory is actually the graphics card seller of the 512 video memory flickering.

  3. largest wholesale diamond and jewelry dealer The graphics card memory can be seen on the circuit board of the graphics card. Now there is a situation that some games or software have requirements for the graphics card memory, and the graphics card due to the reduction of the cost of competition or fraud, etc. Memory, this performance will be greatly reduced

    It you can also see how much memory is written when you buy a computer. If you write a G, you can find JS to return and exchange