5 thoughts on “What is COF COF?”

  1. 1. COF is used in Chinese to waste firewood.
    2. The higher the wastewood index, the lower the probability of brushing the storm.
    3. If you and players who are 7 or higher than you are 7 or higher than you are in a team. After entering the dungeon, each picture will increase the COF index.
    4. The only way to reduce the COF index is upgrade. Missing 0.1%to 1%per liter level. Upgrading corner fighting field seems to be reduced to reduce the COF index.

  2. The main purpose is to prevent
    low -level players rely on senior players to bring
    The reason why the COF index is increased quickly
    : Players who are different from their level 7 or more will increase COF will increase COF
    players who are above 7 or more at the level 7) Each of each picture
    will increase the disadvantages of the COF index COF index-high-high: 1
    The experience when leveling will reduce
    COF, the less experience, the less experience.
    Under the same level of levels
    players with 1000 experiences
    COF can get full experience or approach approximation Players who are full of experience
    COF may only get 700-
    800 experience
    will reduce
    and flop up to get green purple costumes and ordinary equipment The probability will be reduced
    COF, players with high flipping cards, it is difficult to get green and purple outfits
    Mi even may not even get the equipment
    , only the success rate of the large XX3
    equipment is low,
    COF, the lower the success rate of the equipment. Essence

  3. COF value is bound to your task item drop rate and experience. The higher the COF, the more difficult you have. And experience will decrease. So treat COF cautiously. It will be fatal in the future

  4. COF is relatively reduced when the task is higher! There are also good equipment chances that will be reduced when brushing! The probability of strengthening equipment will also decrease! It’s not good anyway! If you want to reduce the value of the COF, you can bring the number 7 of your own level, transfer or upgrade your apprentice!

  5. The higher the COF value, the more the table is with the table when the team brushes the picture, which affects the size of your color and affects the chance of you get items.