Who knows Shouzhitang? Can you introduce it?

Does anyone know how can I introduce to the Skinchi Academy? Is their products safe and reliable?

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hunan Skinzhitang Skin Management Co., Ltd.nHealth management; beauty services; health care services; health care consultation (excluding medical diagnosis); business information consulting; biotechnology consulting, exchange services, transfer services; health products, health products, universal machinery and equipment, universal instruments, office supplies, office supplies , Electronic products, daily necessities, computers, computers, computer software, computer -assisted equipment sales; research and development of health products and health foods; nutrition and health consulting services; health consultation; maternal and child health services; conferences, exhibitions and related services; development and construction of e -commerce platforms; development and construction of e -commerce platforms; development and construction of e -commerce platforms; ; Self -operating and agent imports and exports of various commodities and technologies, except for the state -limited companies operating or prohibiting imports and exports of imports and exports; cosmetics and sanitary products, first -class medical devices, second categories of medical devices; Release services, domestic agency services; advertising design; software technology services; computer network system engineering services; corporate management services; cosmetics wholesale. (Projects that must be approved in accordance with the law can be carried out after approval by relevant departments. ICO, illegal foreign exchange and other Internet financial services)nDongfang Ginza 108, Dongfang Ginza, East Bank Street, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Provincen1 morenBleak

  2. Skinzhitang is a restoration center of scars and stretch marks. It is a scarring brand founded by Chinese herbal medicines developed by ancient law. Its technical principle is mainly to use pure Chinese herbal medicine extraction. The passage between the epidermis and the dermis layer makes the product go directly to the dermis layer, promote the metabolism of the skin, induce bone collagen proliferation, repair the fiber layer of the cracking of the bridge, promote skin regeneration, and target it by this, so that the skin can regain fresh breathing. Do not get injections, do not open the sword, do not take medicine, have no pain, sign a contract guarantee, invalid refund.