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  1. Media.
    1. Cultural communication is a field of extension in the media industry. It uses modern communication methods to carry out cultural communication through the media and communication between different cultures.
    2. This field is mixed with cultural and communication related professional knowledge. To put it bluntly, it is to watch the world through TV, but its field is not limited to TV, network, and even broadcast newspapers. medium.
    3. In general, cultural communication is a marginal discipline that has a certain role in promoting global integration, but it will have a certain negative impact on some disadvantaged cultures.
    extension data
    The industry conditions of cultural communication company

    1. Conference services, exhibition display services, etiquette services, photography services, website construction and maintenance services.
    2. Cultural communication, also known as cultural diffusion, refers to the process of transmission from cultural sources to the outside or from a social group to another group.
    ① Direct communication is usually directly disseminated by cultural or material cultural content through caravan, military and other channels, such as new agronomy technology and invention creation; The more complex cultural diffusion power mainly refers to a stimulus dissemination of a social group borrowing the principles of foreign cultural characteristics to carry out civilized creation activities.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cultural Media

  2. Cultural communication companies belong to the advertising industry and the media industry.
    How media industry refers to the industrial group composed of media entity parts that spread various information and knowledge. Information products and special industries that provide various value -added services.
    If advertising industry refers to the industry that can obtain profits through advertising creativity, planning, design, production, production, display, testing, management, investigation, release, technology research and development, technology promotion, effect evaluation, media operations, brand agency and other methods to obtain profits. Gate class. The so -called advertising refers to the payment information for business or other purposes.
    The advertising industry is an important part of the modern service industry and the cultural industry. It plays a positive role Essence

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