1 thought on “What is the introduction process of PVC waterproof coils?”

  1. When it comes to PVC, everyone should be familiar with, so how much do you know about PVC waterproof coils? He uses a variety of roof waterproof and basement and dams in our industry and construction industry. This kind of PVC coil is still paved on our living room or bedroom? Of course, it is generally mid -range or high -end decoration for PVC coil flooring. So what are the advantages of PVC waterproof coil board? Its craftsmanship? What is it?

    The main advantage of PVC is:
    The material is relatively light, waterproof and moisture and moisture and moisture and moisture. Features of insulation. In practical applications, TPO waterproof coils have anti -aging, high tensile strength, large elongation, and humid roofs can be constructed, exposed without protective layers, convenient construction, and pollution -free. Waterproof layer.
    The disadvantages of PVC are:
    The high temperature resistance is not good, and it is easy to deform in working in a hot environment. PVC gussetting has a strong scrubbing ability. In comparison, the cost is lower. If the PVC is damaged and updated, it is very convenient. As long as the first piece of one end is removed, the board is pulled out of the pressure bar, replacing the broken board with a new board, and then reinstalling the pressure bar.
    The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof coils are based on polyvinyl chloride resin as raw materials. New type of polymer waterproof coil. PVC plastic gussets are generally not used in bedrooms due to beauty and habits. Because of waterproof and other characteristics, it is favored in the bathroom.

    (1) By the standard line according to the requirements of the drawing;
    (2) When construction, the pre -laying should be carried out. It is flat on the surface of the layout, and it is required to be flat and straight, and it must not be distorted;
    (3) The vertical width of the coil material is 50mm, and proper tailoring;
    (4) Place PVC waterproof coil And welded to detect and record the welded seams; welding machine welded width of 100mm; handheld operating welded width of 50mm

    (5) All welding connecting T type T type The connection uses 100 × 100 PVC waterproof coils for welding to strengthen treatment;
    (6) After the pouring belt is strengthened. Place 1 launch with a full sticky method, 0.5m on each side, and PVC coils on both sides. Overlap;
    (7) The facade PVC coils are constructed with dot -sticking or strips; , Cement murder slurry is real. The laying of PVC waterproof coils should be smooth, and there must be no drooping. Tightening and damage. After the inspection is confirmed, the construction process can be performed.

    It the above is PVC, the advantages of waterproof coils and its process introduction. It seems that the craftsmanship is still very complicated. But if it is designed, the cost is still a little higher than our ordinary material. In addition, it has good flexibility under low pressure, so try not to burns high temperature as much as possible. In this way, it will also extend its service life. I hope the introduction of Xiaobian can bring some help and reference to everyone.