Store drainage plan. Essence Essence Optical Shop. Essence Essence Essence There is no need to send a single page and other ordinary ones. Essence Essence Need special. Essence

The glasses shop is a semi -medical and half -business industry. Essence What is needed is professional and grade. Essence Essence Essence

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  1. At present, the most effective drainage method is to use WeChat mini -programs, because applets not only realize drainage and conversion, but also through online and offline marketing, because the new retail pursuit is also the format of offline experience and online order transactions. Forms, and using small programs can also achieve new and retention problems. As follows:
    Dutch 1: Search through the name to bring users
    traffic: Zhang Xiaolong emphasizes the traffic of "search one search" in the WeChat public class, what should you do: give the applet: the applet: Take a good name, this name is like SEO's keywords. How to set your mini -program keywords and improve the ranking of this keyword:
    1, applet online time: the more advanced, the greater the advantage, the more exposure times (5 %)
    2, the description The more the number of keywords appears in the fully match, the more the ranking (10 %)
    3, the keywords in the title appear once, and the shorter the number of the overall title N4, WeChat mini -program users use more, the more the ranking, the higher the top (50 %)
    Dutch 2: The nearby mini -program brings the user
    People who also entered this function within 1 kilometer of 1 kilometers are friends. This function alone has created how many large and micro -businessmen have been created, and the value is huge.
    What should you do: You only need to fill in the location information of your own business or store to quickly set your own small program. The applet can not only add 1 geographical location, it can add 10 geographical locations in total. In other words, it can add 10 times exposure to the store. It is recommended that you must open a nearby small program.
    Dutch 3: Use the public account to bring the user to the mini program
    The flow of traffic: depends on the amount and reading of your public account;
    What should you do: bind the mini program through the public account. The bottom menu sets the small program entrance, the article inserts the mini -program card and other methods to achieve the purpose of locking the user.
    Dutch 4: Share the user through WeChat group
    The traffic: WeChat Mini Program supports sharing with WeChat friends and WeChat groups. The traffic of the community is equal to the traffic of this channel. Pinduoduo leaned on the community to share the applet to bargain, and it has been listed in the United States.
    What should you do: for community operations or borrowing other people's people to share your applets in the community.
    Dutch 5: Digestion through offline stores
    The traffic: offline code scanning is one of the fastest drainage methods of applet
    What should you do: you can hold promotion activities offline, Then attract users to actively scan the QR code of the small program to receive discounts.
    For example, the micro -business of the mask can provide some single -sized masks to nail shops for free. When a customer comes to the store, you can get a mask for free as long as you scan the code. On the one hand, it can improve the customer's favorability of the store, and customers are willing to obtain a free product experience through scanning the code.
    . For example, the restaurant scan the code through the small program to order food, which not only saves the manpower, but also imports the customer into the applet and passed the market for the second time to eat.
    Dutch 6: Dives through paid advertising, including wide -point traffic, friends circle advertisements and other traffic: tens of billions of exposure, continuously putting on your applet can bring continuous traffic.