Understand the inside story of the tile paving industry to prevent being confused by the unscrupulous master

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  1. Tile paving is a must -have process for decoration of new houses. However, in the process, many owners will eat a lot. Why? One is that the knowledge of tiles has less knowledge, and the other is that the supervision is weak, causing illegal construction to occur, resulting in hidden dangers of decoration, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, in response to this situation, Xiaobian specifically popularized a series of tile paving knowledge. After you understand, it is difficult for bad masters to want to pit.

    . Why do we need special seams when we stick to tiles? Can’t leave it?
    Many times when we are laying bricks, the master will do sewing treatment. Regardless of whether it is seamless brick or round -edge brick, it needs to be left. The main reason is:
    Is we know that a lot of things will choose the situation of thermal expansion and contraction, and the tiles are the same. Regardless of the cement mortar required for tiles and paste tiles, there will be an ENTire of thermal expansion and contraction. When temperature and humidity change, a certain degree of telescope will be produced. Cracking.
    Each piece of tiles in each piece of tiles during construction: Putting tiles is a very high -tech project, and workers cannot achieve no errors in each piece of tiles during construction, so if you leave seams, if you leave the seam, This tile joint will be straightforward and will not affect the beauty.
    . When the seam is left, when will the seams be tick?
    This Master will hook the seam when the tile is dry, but if it is not done, there will generally be problems.
    The tiles are uneven; 2. Tiles are loose. In this way, the tiles are easily dropped when they live in the later stages, and the time of the seam is better to pave the tiles for 24 hours. In front of the seam, we must clean the dust in the gap, then squeeze and fill the seam. Be careful to squeeze and fill it full. Pay attention to clean up the tidy tidy tidy tidy noodles after the hook.
    . Do you need to soak water in advance?
    Mi friends have asked Xiaobian before, and Xiaobian is also here. The water absorption rate of vitrified bricks is less than 0.5%, and basically does not absorb water, so it is also possible to soak water, and it can be paved directly.

    . If you have paved tiles before, how to deal with it now?
    Nessing the original tiles first, including the grass -roots cement mortar dry gray layer, etc. You have to clear it, and then re -pave the tiles.
    5. Is the kitchen and bathroom paving tiles or paving the floor tiles first?
    of which can be paved first, just pay attention to two questions: one is conducive to the protection of the previous construction project; The construction period has an impact.
    The general decoration company is the current wall installation, and then the floor tiles are installed, which will not affect wall tiles and construction periods.
    6. If there is a tile, can it be directly paved with tiles on the basis of the original?
    It this should be divided into two layers. If it is wall tile If the tile itself is affixed, the surface is relatively smooth, so that the tiles are not enough, and it is easy to fall off in the later stage, which is easy to cause accidents. If it is a floor tile, this operation can be paved directly with cement mortar, or it can be paved with a dedicated tile glue.
    7. Can the balcony leaning on the wall wardrobe?
    Actually, as long as the basic treatment of the wall is done during construction and the flat treatment, this is okay.