1 thought on “What conditions do you need to open a pet funeral home”

  1. [Legal analysis]: To open a pet funeral company must first have a certain qualification, the first step of the business license is currently unable to apply for many pets. To pay a certain amount of registered capital, apply for two licenses after obtaining a business license. One is an environmental protection license, and the second is the qualification certificate of animal epidemic prevention. These two licenses are applied to different departments. It is important to use the machine and equipment to install the exhaust gas.
    [Legal basis]: In order to strengthen funeral management, promote funeral reform, promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization in order to strengthen the management of funeral and funeral management, promote the reform of funeral and funeral, and formulate these regulations. Article 2 The policy of funeral management is: actively and step -by -step thermal burial, reform and burial, saving funeral land, eliminating funeral vulgarity, and advocating civilization and frugality to do funeral.