1 thought on “Is there 59 gold?”

  1. There are 59 gold.
    5 is called Gao Chunjin, but now the gold is only 4 9, also called Wanfu Gold.
    This gold refers to the gold products with a purity of 99.999%of the purity, which is called high -purity gold and marked as AU99999. Gao Chunjin is higher than the purity of AU9999, more red and pure. The world’s highest purity gold reached 6 99.9999%, but it is generally used as reagent gold. Jewelry does not need to use high purity gold. Generally, sufficient gold and thousands of gold are used. High -pure gold is easier to deform and scratches. High -purity gold mainly uses dry semiconductor devices and large -scale integrated circuits with gold wires and targets for sputtering, and high -purity gold -based alloys.