2 thoughts on “Is there a prospect for jewelry 3D drawing?”

  1. Promising.
    The depends on your talents and abilities. In Shenzhen, there are 2 years of experience and salary of 6K to 8K, and the employment prospects are still good. If you have time, you can also look at Jewelry British online, and the recruitment companies are still very good.
    360 lines, travel out of the champion. If you can become the champion, you will have a future. If you do not become the champion, then follow the wave. Even in the future, more and more people advocate nature, environmental protection, resisting luxury, and flashy. Even in the future, 3D printing technology helps more people to convert the images in their heads into material forms. But if you have a stunning design, there will still be a market.

  2. Don't do it, pit, people with Panyu are there, the market salary is limited here. Don't look at the prospects he said. At the same time, what he said is basically the limit. Unless you draw for more than ten years, it is better to waste time to learn to learn. One month's rendering, the rendering work is currently unpopular, but the demand is high, and there are seven thousand entry in the entry of works. I may not find 7,000 in this picture for two years. I basically want to spend ten years. Basically, the basic salary can be on the ceiling for two years.

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