5 thoughts on “How to see the true and false of ivory bracelets”

  1. First, observe the color and fracture of the ivory itself. The epidermis of ivory carving art will be aging. Over time, the surface has begun to yellow, and then gradually becomes turmeric and dark yellow from pale yellow until light brown. In addition, the color is often different on the same ivory. With the change of color, the surface of the utensils will also appear a shallow pattern of short hair, which we call it "sparrow". The longer the year of the dental container, the more the silk is, the darker, the deeper, and the longer, and the cracks will be shown. As a fake, the old ivory is made, but the skin is colored but no light, no paste, and the cracks of the sparrows are not natural. It smells it. There is a kind of smoke flavor.
    . Judging from the artistic style of sculpture. For example, the Guanyin statue carved in the early Qing Dynasty, the lines of the clothes were concise, and the legacy of the Ming Dynasty. Due to the combination of the shades of the shade, round and straight, drooping and calm clothes, giving people a sense of calmness. The Guanyin statue of modern imitation, the lines of the clothes are complicated, the three -dimensional sense is not strong, and the knife method is weak.
    . Pay attention to the new carving of old materials. The so -called "old material new carving" is to use the old dental heater to be carved into "ancient famous products", or the old dental container is damaged, and part of it is changed to face to act as an ancient dental carving product. In this regard, we can make identification from two aspects: material and process.
    . Four, identification analysis. Regarding the analysis of styles, in addition to paying attention to the "post -increase" method of fake, you should also be alert to fake truth, especially for famous master's teeth carving works. For example, the micro -carving family in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, his book was not only fresh and beautiful, but also coherent, as if in one go.

  2. 1: The ivory color is moist, with yellow

    2: ivory is faster than plastic. It can be obviously sensitive with hand grip

    3: ivory has#character pattern

    4: Faculty is often changed due to the ingredients in the sweat. There will be orange -red changes on the surface of the ivory

    These are common sense identification methods.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer, please wait a whilenIvory jewelry is valuable, so pay attention to the difference from bone carvings when purchasing. The following is a simple way of identification: (1) Test the same size jewelry from the weight, the weight of the dental carvings is heavier than the bone carvings. (2) The texture of ivory is distinguished from the bone quality, and there is a small ripple on the top; the texture of the bone is relatively rough, and the texture on it is thick. Ivory products are oily and brighter; bone products look dry. (3) Identifying ivory jewelry in the workmanship, and the workmanship of bone carvings is generally extensive. (4) From the color, tooth carving head jewelry is often white, and most of the bone carvings are bleached. Even if some dental carvings are bleached, they also give people a moist white feeling, and the bone carvings still look dry after bleaching. Someone uses plastic to imitate ivory products, which can be identified from the lines. There are often traces of molds on it.nI hope the above will be helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like you ~n1 morenBleak