1 thought on “Where is Xuchang Wig Wholesale Market”

  1. East Gate of Aviation Hotel in the southwest side of the High -speed Rail East Station of Jian'an District, Xuchang City, Henan Province.
    Xu Chang, because of the history of the Three Kingdoms, Xu Chang is also a world wig. Not only have a huge industrial cluster, but also the world's well -known wig brands. With the development of the “Belt and Road” policy, the improvement of the living standards of African countries and the high tariffs imposed by the United States to the import of wigs, Xuchang ’s wig export focus has gradually shifted from the United States to Africa.
    It reportedly reported by Alibaba's cross -border e -commerce platform, unveiled the world's first cross -border e -commerce live broadcast base established with Xuchang, Henan. The live broadcast base covers an area of ​​about 3,600 square meters. It is divided into four major areas: selection center, live broadcast center, brand center and training center, and can open 20 live broadcast rooms at the same time. In the future, at least 100 live broadcasts will be carried out every month to show Chinese fake development to global consumers.
    Xuchang is located in the Central Plains and has a long history. It is an important birthplace of Huaxia culture. Xuchang Ancient Culture has pre -historical cultural series, Han culture series, Three Kingdoms cultural series, temple architectural culture series, Jun porcelain culture series, etc.

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