3 thoughts on “Last night I dreamed that someone gave me a jade necklace to me”

  1. Dreaming of jade usually indicates that you want to make a fortune, wealthy and expensive.
    It dreaming of the jade bowl, indicating that the chief of the chief will make a fortune, and there are noble people to help.
    It dreamed of getting golden jade jewelry, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, usually indicates that they are expensive.
    It dreaming on the chest, or holding a large gem and jade, indicates that it will encounter disaster and danger, and be careful.
    Dreaming that jade is broken, indicating that you or your loved ones will suffer, it is also very careful.
    It small flaws on Baiyu. If this is found by yourself, it implies that you may suffer for others. If it is discovered by others, remind you to reconcile with different friends or colleagues who have divergent friends or consistently opposed, so as not to suffer losses.
    The original Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation:
    Dream meal jade, Ji. This Zhaoxi lives in Japan, the bottle festival is raised, and the self -cultivation, then the scholars are increasingly thought, and ordinary people have to have a good family. The elderly dream of this, the main birthday is 100 years old; if there is a sick person dreaming, the illness is cured. “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Meng watching Japanese jade, Ji. This jade is a rare treasure, seeing in the middle of the palace, people have a dream, and when they are in Chengnianfu, they are waiting for Dragon Yan. If you have such as Youyou and others who dream of this, there will be punishment. Guan Yueyu, rare treasure, the sun and middle palace like Peng Island. “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Meng Han Yu, Ji. The nobles dream of it, goodness and obedience; the wealthy people dream, good words believe; “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Meng’s hands holding jade, Da Ji. Those who have this dreamer should be respectful to become a large instrument. The name of the scholars is named, and it is said to be the ministers of the auxiliary. Yu Nai Wang also, the meaning of both hands is the share peptide. “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Mengxiang jade, Daji. The dreamer is the sign of Daji. Jade, the warmth of the quality; the fragrant, the virtue of the soda. If it can be repaired, the scholars should be fame at the end, and Liu Fang Bai Shi. Ordinary people have a magnificent career, descendants, handsome children, smart, dignified and expensive, and half -cuts have festivals from the sky. “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Mengyu is in the stone. Jade is in the stone, and the jade also has to be processed by good workers to show its beauty. With this dreamer, Shizi did not encounter a good friend of Mingshi, let alone recommend selection. The people of the nine streams of industrial and commercial dreamed of this. “Menglin Xuan Jie”
    Yuji is like a mountain, wealthy. “Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation”

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  2. Dreams are actually interpretation and interpretation of the brain when they are sleeping, when some functions are closed, and interpretation and interpretation of external stimuli (tactile, sound, etc.). Compared to during the day, because there are only few memory and understanding functions at this time, dreams are often discontinuous and unreasonable. People are unable to perceive external irritation when they sleep, and they will feel nervous to varying degrees. Therefore, the mood accompanied by the dream is more nervous and even nightmares.
    The issues that you are more concerned about recently will also be opened with the opening of the brain, and it is easier to enter your dreams. This is the so -called thoughtfulness and dreams at night.
    [If you believe in dreams, you can Baidu “Zhou Gong Interpretation” the first one can be said] Let’s talk about it, but just a word floating clouds, if others explain your dreams and say that you will be in danger when you go out, you can’t go out without working? Yes, you have to make money and have to live. You can’t change anything for this dream.

    It if you believe in dreams, I will help you solve it

    [Dream Interpretation] This dream shows that there will be unexpected wealth or unexpected gifts. Hopefully it helped you