Hardware stamping processing plant about the basic knowledge of stamping processing

Metal stamping factory production is the use of press and die on the plate, strip, pipe and profile to exert external force, so that the plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the desired shape and size of the workpiece. This is stamping processing, stamping processing is indispensable. Three things are metal materials, mold and press. The following is the basic knowledge of metal stamping provided by precision metal stamping companies.

According to the deformation characteristics of the material, the stamping process can be divided into two categories, separation and plastic deformation two processes.

Hardware stamping processing plant about the basic knowledge of stamping processing

The separation process means that the stress of the deformed part of the metal material exceeds the strength limit of the metal material itself under the action of external force, and the sheet metal is broken and separated. Plastic deformation refers to: the metal material under the action of external force, the stress of the deformation part exceeds the yield limit of the material itself, but does not reach the strength limit, only produce plastic change to get a certain shape and size.

In the stamping process, stamping deformation can also be divided into five types: three-dimensional pressing, bending, calendering, forming, punching.

Stamping three-dimensional deformation: the volume is redistributed and the metal material to do a certain transfer to change the shape or height thickness of the blank. Bending deformation: it is to change the plate material into a bending part, so that the shape of the bending part is further changed.

There are bends, curls and twists. Calendering deformation: it is to press the blank into the desired hollow parts, and the size of the hollow parts can be further changed.

Forming deformation: is the use of various properties of the local deformation to change the shape of the workpiece or blank. Belongs to the deformation of the rolling molding, flanging, shrinkable neck, convex belly, roll round, plastic. Blanking deformation: The separation of one part of a metal material from another without sealing or sealing. ‚ÄčThese kinds of ways are blanking, punching, cutting, cutting, cutting, incision and so on.