How can integrated stoves ensure safe use?

Safety is an eternal topic, and it is where people’s most fundamental interests lie. When it comes to kitchen safety, there are endless kitchen fire accidents in China, which also makes consumers have higher and higher quality requirements for kitchen appliances. The integrated stove is a new type of kitchen appliance manufactured with innovative technology, which not only brings convenience to life, but also improves the quality of life of the public. I want to install an integrated stove in the kitchen, but I am afraid it will be unsafe? How is the safety of the integrated stove? Is it worthy of public trust?

Compared with traditional stoves, the safety performance of integrated stoves has been greatly improved with the support of modern technology, and its safety design is considered from the perspective of consumers. However, if you want to ensure the safety of the integrated stove, you still need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Choose good quality integrated stove products

To judge product quality, the quickest way is to look at the brand. Unknown products or counterfeit products usually have many problems, and it is difficult to provide protection for consumers in terms of technology and after-sales. In addition, you can also judge the quality of the integrated stove in terms of product appearance and craftsmanship. If the workmanship is rough and not particular, then you basically don’t need to think about it.

  1. Pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance

When many people use integrated stoves, they often only care about the cleaning of the outside, ignoring the cleaning and maintenance of the inside. Now many big brands of integrated stoves have their own professional after-sales team. It is recommended that you clean up the waste oil in the oil storage box every 1-3 months, and ask professionals to do internal cleaning and maintenance every year, otherwise it will affect the integrated stove safety performance.

  1. Timely replacement of old and damaged ones

Every electrical appliance has its service life. If the service life is exceeded, the various parts of the electrical appliance will age, and naturally they will not be able to withstand tossing or even go on strike. At this time, continuing to use it will easily cause safety hazards. Don’t be lucky. Remember to replace it with a new one in time.

Of course, high-quality big-name integrated stoves will also continue to innovate protective measures in terms of their safety. Take Senge i5 dual-cavity steaming and baking integrated stove as an example. It has 12 major safety protections, such as flameout protection, intelligent inspection, safety child lock, three-proof motor, electronic firewall, overheating protection, original reset, black crystal Tempered explosion-proof, gas and electricity separation protection, water shortage alarm, heating to prevent dry burning, door panel heat insulation protection, all-round escort for kitchen safety.related suggestion:Best Integrated Cooktops of 2022

For example, the intelligent anti-dry system: it is to install an intelligent temperature sensor on the stove head, which can automatically detect the temperature of the bottom of the pot. Once the bottom temperature of the pot is found to exceed 298°C, it will automatically turn off the flame for protection. When the cooker turns off accidentally, does not sit on the pot for a long time, or the pot is dry, the gas stove can detect it, and can cut off the gas source at the first time to avoid accidents.

Electronic Firewall: When you are cooking, if an open flame enters the smoke cavity and is detected, the integrated stove will automatically cut off the gas source and stop the gas supply to prevent fires.

Right stove timing: Timer switch function within 3 hours, the gas stove can work according to the preset time to ensure that the food will not be cooked for too long, so as to ensure the original delicious food and the safety of family property and life.

In addition, the dual-chamber steam-baking integrated stove also has the function of moving the pan to a low heat: when you take the pot away, the fire of the stove will automatically decrease, which can not only avoid confusion, but also save energy and be safe. It is really very user-friendly. If you want to enjoy a real quality home life, you must pay attention to the safety of the integrated stove! Safety issues are no small matter, always caring about the safety of the kitchen is responsible for yourself and your family. Remember, only by purchasing integrated stove products with guaranteed safety performance can cooking life become more comfortable and safe.

Source reference website:Yeaig