Do knee pads really work? Is it necessary for people who don’t exercise regularly?

In fact, knee pads are used in more sports, like dancing, yoga, running parties, climbing…… These can wear knee pads to protect our knee joints.

Especially in winter, it is necessary to keep warm. If you do not pay attention to keeping warm, they will be invaded by cold over time, gradually causing joint pain and other problems.

Wait until old later, just more understand the joint ache to rise really deadly! Sometimes my knees get sore and swollen when I stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time.

But how can modern people leave air conditioning in summer! Summer where air conditioning is also open to work, go off work to go home and watch TV at night is also open air conditioning, blows is all day long, even wearing pants also feel knee cold, so my mother bought me a knee, she always said that I didn’t pay attention to your body, in order not to let her after she bought me worry that I have to wear every day, also don’t say, Wearing kneepads after the feeling is not so cold, is blowing air conditioning did not feel so cold knee feeling! If you have the need to wear a knee brace advice to choose the type of knee brace you need, it is suitable for their own size, such as too large obviously can not play a national role in the knee joint, too small is not conducive to blood circulation, blood supply around the knee joint will reduce the muscle soft tissue will also cause strain.


My iron fist is very good, elastic, feels no matter whether thin or fat can be worn a little.

And it uses the intelligent automatic inflation decompression system, can subtract most of the pressure of the knee, and the full package form can fully protect our knee. There is a key adjustment function, according to different road different needs to different decompression grade.

It’s true that walking doesn’t feel as labored as before.

‚ÄčPersonally, I feel that regardless of sports or walking can be worn to relieve knee pressure, not necessarily only sports to wear. Of course, this is just my suggestion ha!