How long does it take girls to get hair extensions

About 3-4 hours. I’m Crystal Hair Extensions, 1280.

Because I’m a student and I’m poor, I chose the cheapest way to connect, but after I did, it was fine.

Had 1500 friends what protein silk hair,, but I pick up my hair, then looked at him anyway look is no difference from the naked eye, and then pick up the, I the feeling of two similar, so personal advice, ordinary crystal receiver is ok, I haven’t hurt hair, feel no damage to the hair, also not like a lot of people, will drop hair, I kind of. I haven’t lost a lot of hair since I got the extensions, honestly.

There are several ways to get hair extensions on the market, which I don’t know much about.

But the cheapest one is crystal extensions. Some hair extension manufacturer are made by hair extensions that are straightened, like my hair extensions are made by hair extensions that are straightened, and some hair extensions are made by hair extensions that are dyed, depending on your needs.

Be sure to communicate well before.


A few suggestions: 1.​ Before you get your hair attached, make sure you know the quality of the hair you’re going to get. I just didn’t do that, so.

Later I found that the hair quality of this hair is really not good, and white hair, hair is also a variety of red ah, yellow ah, and then my own hair is black, so, or a little strange, although after the dye can also be, but I was before the hair washed straight, so I didn’t want to dye.

2. After the hair, wash your hair, don’t be too fierce, be gentle, we are all little fairies, because after the hair, you are not fierce, so the first few times to wash your hair will be a little comfortable.

Be gentle, or your hair will knot easily!! Just like you always wash your hair.

Once it’s dry, use that wide gear comb, brush lightly. if you don’t comb for a long time, plus sleep at night or something, it’s easy to get your hair crooked, which will aggravate the knot.

When the hair is dry, use a splint to clip it, otherwise the hair will be more fluffy, and your hair does not fuse, it will be very weird.

3. After hair extensions, don’t try curling your hair with a curling iron! Absolutely not. Unless you’re really good at it, you’ll do it some day.

Because when you curl it, it’s weird, and then the whole hair is very, very special, very fluffy, and then it’s ugly, very ugly, and then you have to straighten it.

4. When I get my hair done, I rarely lose it, almost never, but I don’t mean that it’s taken care of.

I’m gonna have to do it in about two or three months, because sometimes, you know, I don’t sleep well, and my hair gets weird.

And I’m not gonna do it again.

I got it on February 19, because my own hair grows slowly, so it lasts a little longer.