What are the advantages of polyester resin for powder coating?

Resin coating has a wide range of applications. Almost any product in life contains resin coating, such as mobile phones and refrigerators. We can see that resin coating is very important to us.

Recently, a company introduced foreign technology to produce energy-saving and environment-friendly polyester resin for powder coating powder to reduce the impact of resin coating on the environment.


The special polyester resin spraying efficiency is high, no pollution to the environment, good economic benefits, when mass production can drive enterprises to adopt the new product, improve the level of polyester resin spraying technology, to ensure that the use of the coating production are high quality products.

As a result of this resin coating production process will not produce pollution to the environment, coating does not contain harmful material, environmental protection index achieved edible grade, even if a small amount of accidental eating also won’t cause an effect to health.

The spray powder produced in the coating process can be recycled, so as to effectively save resources, eliminate waste and pollution.

In addition, the dedicated polyester resin has no solvent volatilization during the painting process, minimizing VOC contamination.

In the conventional process, powder coatings need to be at least 180℃ environment