Inflatable dolls are too ugly and the entity doll is too heavy. How to choose after all?

​Buy sex doll is not a good deal.

Ugliness is one thing, but so is the experience.

Physical dolls have a good experience, but unlike real people, they don't adjust their center of gravity to match you.

Accordingly, when dolls choose and buy, they must consult confrist or the proposal of brand factory more. Also, they can be in sex doll store choose and buy, lest they produce exhaustion, affect the mood.


It is suggested that the height is about 1.35 meters and the weight is about 12-15kg. The comprehensive effect is better.

Xydoll has been working hard and firmly believes that to bring more users experience and look for better physical dolls.

Xydoll, as an own production factory, according to the cost performance, quality and user experience than imported physical dolls, the price is less than one third of them, and it is also a real inverted model!

Silicone doll prices range from 5000-15000 or so, the price is very high!