Boys don't go topless;

Field fee AA, the ball fee is also active and the ball carrier AA;

Raise your hand to apologize when you make a mistake; Take the initiative to pick up the ball;

When pulling the ball as far as possible to send at hand, on the one hand to reflect strength, on the other hand to reflect etiquette;

Be diligent when you pull the ball, or the other side will think you are careless;

What is the etiquette of playing tennis

In doubles, try to avoid double faults and do not play high pressure against people at the net.

In addition to the first time about the ball do not know the level, do not take the initiative to about their level too much opponent;

High you too much of the initiative to invite you to play, appropriate to bear some costs or even the cost of the whole package, how also than the coach cost-effective;

Do your best to show respect to your opponent.

In fact, these are nonsense, a sincere and polite person off the pitch, must also be a polite person on the pitch, some things are not deliberately pretended.

There is only one kind of etiquette in the world, that is, the etiquette of being a person, which is universal everywhere.

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