Develop tennis to prevent youth myopia and obesity

Playing tennis can prevent myopia

As we all know, tennis is characterized by a large court and a small ball. When playing tennis, our eyes need to have been moving with the movement of tennis, which can effectively exercise the eye muscle function, so that the eye muscles are stronger, for the prevention of myopia is very helpful. Because the tennis ball is very fast, we also need to keep our attention during the whole movement, and determine the next round of technical moves by observing the ball. Keeping your eyes on the ball in high speed sports can effectively exercise the eye muscles, increase attention and concentration, and then adjust the vision, effectively prevent myopia and astigmatism problems. In addition, studies have found that outdoor light can also play a role in reducing myopia.

Develop tennis to prevent youth myopia and obesity

Chung hyun-hyun, a South Korean tennis star, suffered from myopia and astigmatism when he was a teenager. His doctor advised him to play tennis to prevent his eyesight from deteriorating. Today, Chung still wears sports glasses during games, but his vision is no worse. This shows, undertake tennis movement to prevent myopia, cure false myopia and mild myopia, avoid vision to worsen further is very helpful.

You can lose weight by playing tennis

According to statistics, the proportion of obesity among Chinese teenagers is increasing year by year, and obesity can bring a variety of potential health problems. Effective prevention of obesity, in addition to changing the diet structure, also need to participate in a large number of sports. Tennis is a full-body high-intensity aerobic exercise, which can exercise the whole body to the greatest extent. Swinging builds shoulder, chest and waist muscles; Serving and receiving serve can exercise the upper limb muscles; In addition, because the tennis court is very large and the ball speed is very fast, we need to run at high speed in the process of playing tennis, in the process of running our lower limb muscles can also get effective exercise.

In addition, relative to other aerobic exercise, tennis for the exercise of the heart and lung organs to bring less pressure, appropriate tennis exercise can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, improve the body metabolism, effectively improve the heart and lung function. And tennis has the characteristics of quick start and strong interest. Tennis is more popular among teenagers than traditional forms of fitness such as running.