Four basic physical exercises

Four basic physical exercises

Continuous exercise

Can take continuous exercise, we move a bit longer, a bit lower intensity. For example, you can do slow running for an hour at a time and not be very tired.


Many people who like to run like to wear sandbags while running to exercise their weight bearing ability. But everybody must pay attention to intensity when taking exercise, absolutely cannot take on too much.

Repeated exercise

In old people suit to repeat exercise law commonly, be heavy in quantity and be not qualitative, pay attention to step by step. For example, if you like to run fast, you can run fast twice a day for half an hour. In this way, gradually increase the intensity of the exercise to achieve the best condition.

Ride a bike

If you love cycling and are tired of riding your bike at the gym every day, consider meeting a few friends and biking outdoors. In this way, the air is fresh and the communication between friends is enhanced. In this way, irregular changes in the way of exercise, exercise time, exercise place, can maintain a long-term love of sports.