Why is tennis the second most aristocratic sport?

Tennis has been called the second aristocrat’s sport.

What is nobility? It’s just expensive.

Where is your body now? It takes up a lot of space and there are few people playing tennis, so it’s relatively expensive.

Why is tennis the second most aristocratic sport?

In the same area, there can be three badminton courts, or even more ping-pong courts.

So, in terms of the benefits within the unit area, if I were the boss, I would definitely build tennis courts, because I like tennis; But not every owner likes sports, so their perspective is the benefit per square foot and the utilization of the stadium.

You know, when a site is built, it must be continuous, and the benefits will be higher if someone uses it 24 hours a day.

However, that is impossible, so, as much as possible to make the utilization of the stadium as high as possible.

Another factor, tennis entry threshold is higher, not who can talk up a few beats, for beginners, the fun will be lower; But for badminton, it is not the same, a lot of audience, any venue, the venue is full.

Why is tennis the second most aristocratic sport

Similarly, a large-scale venue, at least three venues, so that people will be willing to come to this place, or come to no place, or come to no opponent.

With all that said, do you know why tennis is the second most prestigious sport?