Tennis is a lifelong sport

With the improvement of living standards, people gradually realize the importance of health, and into the tide of sports.

Among many sports, tennis attracts more and more people with its unique charm.

The remarkable achievements of Chinese women's tennis also promoted the development of Chinese tennis to a certain extent.

Playing tennis is a pastime, a way to improve one's health, and an artistic pursuit and enjoyment.

Of course, it is also a gripping competition, and every time a good shot is played, it makes people feel excited and happy.

Tennis is popular all over the world with elegant, fashionable and healthy characteristics, which is determined by its sports characteristics and exercise value.

Playing tennis has universality, controllability, entertainment, appreciation and molding.

-- Universality --

Tennis is contactless and ADAPTS to the physical and psychological characteristics of participants of all ages.

It can be played well by children aged three or four to the elderly aged seven or 80. Tennis is one of the sports with the longest life span and the widest participation.

-- Controllability

Different age groups have different training styles, which is called controllability.

Children can use short tennis excessive practice, teenagers can carry out soft net sports, middle-aged and elderly can choose different venues (grass, land, hard court, indoor court, outdoor court, etc.); At the same time, it can control the rhythm, strength and Angle of playing according to its own physical strength to meet different needs of exercise, competition and entertainment.

Tennis is a lifelong sport

-- Entertainment --

Whether you play tennis or watch a tennis match, it is a spiritual and physical enjoyment.

It is fun and enjoyable to play ball on the court, especially the wisdom and toughness displayed in back-and-forth volley or varied tactics, which can make people interested and memorable.

-- Ornamental --

Watching others play, you can enjoy the wonderful skills of a high-level athlete, or watch a heart-stopping game, which can make people feel excited and excited.

Tennis is an art, a culture, is the perfect combination of the body and wisdom of an enduring elegant sport.

-- Plastic --

Tennis sport has great charm, deep connotation, people can also edify sentiment, improve the realm of life, shape a more perfect self in the process of fully enjoying the fun of tennis.

Fitness function

Often play tennis systematically and scientifically, can promote the development of human body function, can improve physical quality and work ability.

In the process of playing tennis, players can slowly exercise judgment, start, footwork movement, reaction speed, psychological strategy and other specific physical qualities.

It is an excellent sport for developing strength, speed, agility, coordination, quick reaction and decision-making ability.

-- Core action --

Tennis is a highly technical sport, the change of psychological state is easy to lead to the hit error, which requires participants to have a stable psychological quality in practice or competition.

In the heat of the tennis match, need stronger tactical awareness, sober mind, agile thinking and strong ability of analysis (including the tactical awareness of ponder to the other party, for a variety of aircraft, reasonable use of his own tactics), to deal with complex and changeable situation during the match, flexible use of various tactics, to gain the initiative in the game, Showing a combination of wisdom and courage.

Connors said: "In professional tennis, 95 percent of the psychological factors, when the match is equal, psychological factors often play an important role in the outcome of the match, such as confidence, concentration, hard work."

Ability cultivation

Playing tennis not only improves people's physical function, skills and psychological quality, but also promotes people's social ability.

Playing tennis can exchange skills, enhance friendship and carry out social activities. It's easy to bond and gain trust on the tennis court.

Playing tennis has been a good means of social communication and business negotiation. Especially with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people are engaged in tennis.

-- Combined with lifelong sports

Lifelong sports is the need of modern lifestyle, and playing tennis makes people keep pace with The Times, it has a very high fitness, heart, ability training exercise function, is the most suitable for people to carry out lifelong sports projects.

The cultural implications of tennis have increased people's awareness and commitment to lifelong sport, and the benefits of playing tennis are numerous.

Not only can exercise each part of people's body, but also can cultivate the consciousness and habit of self-exercise, enhance people's concept of lifelong sports, to improve the national physical and cultural quality has an extremely important role in promoting.

Through the analysis of the characteristics, exercise value and ability training of tennis, it is obvious that tennis is a popular fitness movement that meets the needs of people in modern society.

It has high lifelong fitness value and is the most suitable sport item for people to carry out lifelong sports.