How to run properly?

More and more people are starting a fitness program for health and figure, and most of them will start with running training.

Running is a low-threshold sport, not affected by the venue, running does not need to go to the gym, in the river, playground, community can run.

There are many benefits to running, such as increased blood circulation, lung capacity, and physical activity. Keep running for a long time, can promote fat decomposition, effectively prevent obesity, but also help you release pressure, promote the body to secrete dopamine, let you maintain a young body state, help you live longer.

However, the right way to run can do more with less, and the wrong way to run can only make you more injured. How to run properly? Master 3 tips to make running easier!

1, about the running posture: keep the posture of the head straight, do not hunchback, with the hands swing up; Don’t raise your legs too high and keep the balls of your feet on the ground. This will cushion and reduce the pressure on your knee joints.

2, about running speed: do not choose to run fast, fast running belongs to anaerobic exercise, sustainable time is relatively short, easy to exhaust, can not adhere to a longer time. Start your run with a jog, starting at 6-9 km/h, which makes it easier to stick to.

How to run properly?People with strong running ability can try intermittent running, such as alternating cycle training of 100-meter fast running and 100-meter jogging, which can quickly increase heart rate, promote body fat burning and improve the overall physical quality of the body.

3. About running time: Novice runners need to run step by step. At the beginning of running, insist on 20-30 minutes is enough.

Interval running training, only 20 minutes each time can maintain the body’s high metabolic level of more than 12 hours, conducive to the formation of thin physique.

For runners, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1, do not fish for three days and dry the net for two days, insist on running more than three times a week, in order to gradually improve your physical endurance and athletic ability.

2. Do not run on an empty stomach, which is easy to cause hypoglycemia and affect running endurance. Do not run immediately after meals, which is easy to cause gastric bypass.

3, winter running pay attention to keep warm, be careful of cold, winter running to wear a thin coat, to avoid sweating away the body moisture, resulting in a sudden drop in temperature and cold.

4. Do not take a cold shower immediately after running. Stretch and relax the muscles of your body to relieve the congestion in your legs.