Is the bar really high in tennis?

The author envies a player who can hit a tennis ball like a walk in the park, and at the same time thinks about the essence of tennis skills.

Many people say that tennis has a high threshold, which scares away potential tennis fans who have some interest in tennis but are not very interested.

So what is the essence of tennis technique?

From a mechanical point of view, tennis is nothing more than hitting a tennis ball with a racket, causing the ball, which follows Newton’s three laws, to fly over the net in various trajectories, land in bounds, and then be hit again, and so on.

In this seemingly monotonous process of playing back and forth, tennis fans not only exercise, but also get great fun, greedily enjoy the charm of tennis.

Different swings can lead to different impacts between the racket and the tennis ball, resulting in a variety of flight paths.

So, in order for the tennis ball to follow its supposed trajectory again and again, the racket must be swung again and again on a certain trajectory.

What determines the trajectory of the swing is our movement and the movements of our body parts. In hundreds of similar shots, our movements are based on muscle memory.

Is the bar really high in tennis?

Muscle memory is the automatic running of a sequence of movements that improves efficiency, coordination and fluency.

Muscle memory can also be understood as a synonym for habit.

So how do habits or muscle memory form? They say it takes just 21 days to form a new habit.

For simple, not too complicated new habits, it’s possible to start a new habit in 21 days.

The only way to develop a proper muscle memory is to repeat over and over again, over and over again, those reasonable movements. Quantity leads to quality.

In the process of repetition, the nerve impulse travels faster and faster through the neurons corresponding to the action, and this faster and faster transmission is the process of forming new muscle memories.

When conduction velocity reaches its limit, new muscle memories are formed.

When a new, rational muscle memory is formed, hitting the ball can be more relaxing than a walk.

So there’s nothing mysterious about tennis. It’s all about muscle memory for certain movements, and that muscle memory can be built up with a lot of repetition.

Say usually tennis threshold is high, the plane to the external site factors, more because when a lot of people just learning tennis, is according to the understanding of the table tennis or badminton to play tennis, these strange unreasonable action will greatly hinder the tennis technology progress, so they form a tennis technical threshold high illusion, And give up the glamorous sport of tennis.

The bar for tennis is high, but not prohibitively high.

The essence of tennis is not mysterious, but simple muscle memory, which can be developed with a great deal of reasonable repetition and, to paraphrase an idiom, practice makes perfect.