What sexual skills must women learn? What should couples pay attention to after sex?

What sexual skills must women learn? A harmonious married life will make your marriage happier. As a wife, you should also take the initiative to learn sexual skills. ​Then what sexual skills must women learn?

Women must learn sexual skills

Many women are shy in the life of a couple. In fact, it’s pretty bad. If you want to get a man’s attention, skills in the bedroom are essential. It’s the only way your man wants to die. ​Otherwise, he would have preferred a sex doll under 500.

1. Learn to praise his sexual prowess

Men place a high value on their sexuality, even beyond their faces. In fact, men also worry about whether their lover is pleased with their size, hardness and timing. Therefore, during sex, women should learn to praise men’s sexual abilities so that they can get spiritual satisfaction. For example, you could say, “Husband, you are wonderful.

2. Give a man the necessary caresses

Not only do women need caresses, but men also crave caresses. Caresses can bring happiness to men. In fact, men, especially mature men, don’t have to have sex to relieve their desires. The more mature men are, the more they need to connect emotionally. Touching is the most desirable foreplay for men. Hugs, kisses and caring words can satisfy a man.

3. Sex changes

Men are natural risk-takers, and sex is no exception. If a woman wants to give a man extra pleasure, she can be bold and try different and exciting ways of sex with him without matching his adventurous spirit. Seeking greater sexual stimulation and pleasure is the goal of numerous men. If he comes up with a robust and safe approach, be bold and give him advice, but don’t criticize. Your cooperation will make a man grateful and pleased.

Two, the couple after sex matters needing attention.​

1. Don’t take a cold shower right away

You can’t shower right after you fall in love. It’s because of sweating. If you take a cold shower, you can build up internal heat in your body as your pores close, leading to a cold.

2. Don’t eat cold food right away

After sex, you may feel hot or thirsty. At this point, some people will choose to eat cold food, which is wrong. Eating or drinking cold things after sex can cause an upset stomach or digestive problems.

3. Don’t cover up right away

Especially in the winter, some couples close the lid after falling in love, which is also wrong. You see, if you cover up immediately when you sweat, you won’t catch a cold.

4. Don’t drink too much after sex.​

You can’t drink alcohol after sex. Of course, you can’t drink too much. Otherwise, if you drink like this, your blood vessels will be weak from sex and will burst when stimulated by drinking.

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