1 thought on “Can the gold bought by the bank be recycled?”

  1. Specific reasons for recycling.
    If you buy commemorative gold products at the bank, this product is usually the gold products of the zodiac sign of the Zodiac in the Spring Festival each year. The main purpose is to allow consumers to collect and commemorate it. Will recycle. There are also gold jewelry such as gold necklaces, gold rings, and gold bracelets, and banks and gold shops will not be recovered. The bank is recycling now is the size of the gold bars that had been purchased from their own banks before, but it only needs to be recovered at the designated counter.
    Colids will detect the authenticity and gram of gold when recycling, and verify the product number and certificate of the product. After the inspection, it feels that it will be repurchased when the gold bar is true. This is a relatively troublesome operation.
    The early appraisal fees are borne by customers, and customers are unwilling to spend this injustice. In order to avoid offending customers, the bank takes as "only selling only".
    The expansion information:
    . The price of international gold has risen, and the price of domestic gold products has also risen, but for ordinary people, the reason for making money if you buy gold.
    (1) If you buy gold commemorative coins, gold jewelry, etc., banks and gold shops will definitely not repurchase.
    (2) is to buy the bank to buy the bank. The bank must have to invest a lot of manpower and energy to identify it. The appraisal cost is to be paid for it.
    (3) In addition, even if the bank repurchases your gold, it will earn some of the profits, so even if the bank repurchases your gold, the customer has nothing to make.
    . How to identify the authenticity of gold.
    (1) Look at the color. The gold color with high gold content is red and golden, with a gold content of 80%yellowing, and 70%of the gold content is green. You can judge the gold content according to the color;
    (2) weight. Gold is more than doubled than the same volume of silver, lead, and tin, and real gold has a feeling of falling on the hand without the sense of copper or other sense of weight without falling;
    When the jewelry is knocked or threw hard, there is no rhyme, dull sound, and other metals are crispy but no dull.