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  1. real stone jewelry wholesale [Introduction] As the state advocates the economic development of the stalls and more and more people set up the stalls, the investment of the stalls can avoid the pressure on the leasing of the stalls, and the purchase does not need a lot of funds. Everyone knows that the stall project is dazzling. What is the most profitable? Let's take a look at the most popular items.

    This stalls to make money
    1. Selling fruit business: Solding fruits is a small -scale low -threshold to make money business. Don't underestimate the fruit stalls or stalls or It is the person who drove the fruit stalls. Their monthly income may be several times your salary. Don't be surprised! However, if you want to make money in the fruiting business industry, some fruits must be held.
    2, family small things: Everyone must know these small things with 2 yuan 5 yuan 10 yuan. These things are more suitable for family use, and they can get good benefits. Find a place where there are many people can set up a stall.
    3, selling song discs: The cost is the price of an air disc. Of course, it is necessary to add a little manual fee. The price is not fixed, and some are sold. A lot of selling in the market can also be sold, it is best to buy a speaker. You should know what discs are sold for sale when you buy.
    4, selling small jewelry: The cost of hand -made small jewelry is generally not high, depending on whether you can get cheap goods. The jewelry must be fashionable and novel. It is best to have a beautiful packaging. In this way, you can sell a little higher and more profits. But don't press too much goods. This is definitely a good project to sell the most money.
    5, selling children's toys: Selling children's toys is a very profitable project. There are more and more children now. Toys are indispensable for children, especially when parents take their children out to go shopping, if children Seeing that parents they like do not refuse.
    6. Selling fashion women's clothing: It is said that women's money is best to make. Set up the fashion women's clothing to the wholesale market to criticize the fashion goods. Take a shelf to go to the pedestrian street and sell it at night market. This is the most common. The profit is more than doubled. It depends on how you choose the clothes you choose and whether you will sell it. Solding the stalls selling fashion women's clothing is a stable project.
    7, mobile phone accessories: selling mobile phone accessories, making mobile films, mobile phones are now necessary for some people. There are not much investment, and the profit can be closed. There are many people engaged in this industry now, so you need to do it with your heart. There are different places, whether it is a product or a sales method.
    8, decompression toys: The pressure of people under the financial crisis is increasing. Fortunately, there are novel toys accompanied, making decompression a small and happy thing. And these decompression toys are relatively small and novel. It is more convenient to carry. The cost of the entry price is not high, the key is to find a good source.
    9. Snacks are spicy: The cost of spicy spicy is not very high. If you plan to leave the stall at the night market, a simple car, a table, and a few benches can get out of the stall. This convenient snack stall has been recognized by everyone. If you set up a stall, don't consider it.
    10, Chinese New Year: Many people will buy New Year's goods. Such as the blessings, door gods, window flowers, etc. posted by the family. The cost of these things is very low, and the price of the sale is not low.
    11, plush toys: Whether you do activities or other things now, you like to send plush toys. There is also parents who like to buy plush toys for their children. The market space is still relatively large. And the cost of the entry price is relatively low (we are called by our side). You never think of low prices.

    This reminder: There are many projects for setting up stalls, and the above costs are not high, and it is worth considering investment.
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