A brief analysis of the beauty of sports — tennis from aesthetic perspective

From the aesthetic point of view of tennis movement beauty includes many aspects, such as: dynamic beauty, strength beauty, speed beauty, form beauty, tactical beauty and personality beauty, I from the dynamic beauty and tactical beauty of two points of view in detail.

First of all, I think the most striking athletic beauty of tennis is the beauty of movement. Tennis is a ball game played on a tennis court by two players or two pairs of players hitting a tennis ball with a racket across a net. Tennis stars, male players such as Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic, are tall and muscular, giving the game a muscular, athletic appearance, with power and speed in a stroke.

Second, tennis athletes body art dynamically display the process of the athletes’ graceful posture for tennis adds infinite beauty and dynamic beauty of form as bows shot on the player to serve, for example, presents an arc the athletes can intercept north fujian as a pencil-thin spiking like Tarzan coping strike like a meteor, athletes in the tennis every movement, all can Show a kind of morphological beauty and dynamic beauty the process of watching tennis is also the process of appreciating the morphological beauty and dynamic beauty of tennis this sport has a strong aesthetic value.

A brief analysis of the beauty of sports -- tennis from aesthetic perspective

Finally, it takes a certain wisdom and tactics to win the tennis match. To appreciate the tennis match, the tennis players’ proper tactics make us gasp with admiration. Tennis movement is a showcase of wisdom athletes in the tennis athletic field, in all kinds of tennis tournaments, really wonderful tennis is filled with wisdom of tennis player must be won with his wisdom and cannot rely on both brute force only as a wise, activists to make people enjoy the real tennis match, can win in the tennis in the tennis in the playground , high-speed volley fly tennis players to effectively catch, must want to make a purposeful, in an instant change smashes into drop spike corner for after getting straight to slash, stormed to tall, every action is the embodiment of the wisdom only in the sports arena, athletes used to gain the initiative and wisdom of the tennis court with the movement of the scene just like dragons rising movement scene to keep for attack The movement changes, all is not condensed wisdom tennis movement attack and defense of the rapidly changing wisdom of the beauty in this change can be vividly described.

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