houston wholesale fashion jewelry Where is the bouncing hall lucky package exchange channel?

houston wholesale fashion jewelry Where can I get the lucky gift package on Baidu Bulleton? Can you provide a URL?

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  1. jewelry wholesale los angeles Through Weibo, Tencent Weibo, there is a bouncing hall gift package every month.
    Monthly the application process of the Bouncing Hall gift package → listening to Tencent Meng's Weibo It is right to apply for the request of Weibo after Boran. The first application for the first time is a bit troublesome. I hope it can help you help you adopt it ~

    It the bouncing hall gift exchange channel In the sign -in of the Bouncing Hall, you can see the exchange channel and enter the CKDER to be successful. The above is the introduction of the monthly Weibo gift package. Hope to help you

  2. tous jewelry wholesale china The lucky gift package is a unified name for rewarding gift packages with specific activities. You must participate in specific activities. You usually do not. Hope to help you

  3. silver turquoise jewelry wholesale Two ways:
    1. After the mobile phone is bound to the account, the Bouncing Hall will select the number to send the lucky package to the redemption code in a certain period of time. I only received it once, provided that you need to bind the account with your phone.
    2. Pay attention to the official Weibo of the Bouncing Hall, and will release a string of redemption codes at an unsatisfactory point. Some people will publish these numbers on the post bar, but at that time, it was basically received.

    p.s. Lucky gift package is not good

  4. coronet wholesale jewelry cleveland ohio Dear player, hello: After completing the branch task to join the bullet family, the system will issue a random mobile family activation code to the mobile phone of the lucky player who completes the task. The activation code can be lucky in the event in the event.礼包兑换通道中进行兑换礼包.还可以通过收听官方微博(weibo/)参与微博活动,随机获得激活码.还请您多多留意.感谢您对游戏的支持.祝您游戏愉快.r n Seventh Avenue Bulleton official customer service is very happy to answer you ~~