wholesale jewelry long island ny How much does it cost to fight like a battle like SEED in the anime?

wholesale jewelry long island ny I think it's more than 100 million, right? It takes hundreds of millions to build a body?

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  1. mens wholesale jleather biker jewelry Think about a Tomahawk cruise missile in the United States, which is 1.2 million US dollars
    The Gundam with a height of 20m. For example:
    Weight: 71.38on (estimated)
    The body height: 18.36 meters (estimated)
    Armed: everyone knows (not calculated PS armor price. Calculate)
    kinetic energy: nuclear energy (anti -neutron interference). We must also worry about the risk of nuclear energy explosion

    imening cost:
    The most important thing): 3.14 meg out
    In flight injectors (including the back of the foot and the back and the back of the back): 10.22 billion yen
    armed (including weapons and armor): 85.31 billion yen r n ———————————————————————————————————
    = Four houses and five entry: Japanese currency
    is equivalent to .03 RMB
    .572 US dollars
    2005 military expenditure expenses from all over the world! (ZT) K Q^1p Owi
    1 United States (USA) $ 399.1 Billion (unit: billion US dollars)
    In the US military expenditure in US military expenditures in fiscal 2004, the cost of military people was $ 98.5 billion in US $ 98.5 billion Combat and maintenance funds are $ 115.9 billion, and the purchase includes F-22 "Raptor" fighter, F/A-18E/F "Super Hornet" fighter, C-17 transport aircraft, and various precise guidance weapons Weapons and equipment will also spend nearly $ 75 billion in US taxpayers. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of technological research and development projects such as the new generation of F-35 fighters and ballistic missile defense systems, the Pentagon also provided more than $ 65 billion in funds.
    2 Russia (Russia)* $ 65.0 (unit: billion US dollars)
    3 China (China)* $ 47.0 (unit: billion US dollars)
    4 japan (Japan) $ 42.6 (unit: billion US dollars)
    5 united Kingdom (UK) $ 3844 (unit: billion US dollars)
    6 France (France) $ 29.5 (unit: billion US dollars)
    7 Germany (Germany) $ 24.9 (unit: billion US dollars)
    8 SAUDI ARABIA (Saudi Arabia) $ 21.3 (unit: billion US dollars)
    9 italy (Italy) $ 19.4 (unit: one billion US dollars)
    10 india (India) $ 15.6 (unit: billion US dollars)
    The United States can also build about 10 units each year. Essence Essence Essence If you want to consider the cost of previous development. Essence Essence

  2. jewelry wholesale supplies nyc This is difficult to say
    After all, the worldview and productivity and the population base are different

    Inned the current price, it may really require hundreds of millions of
    , but if the technology in the world is all technological in the world The cost of developing to the solar system and building a space colony may be used to build a body for the current tampass and fighters.
    The hardware of the cost is very dead

    The landlord you know, it is very cheap as the hard disk motherboard CPU is used to buy a computer, but the price of you buy genuine software is not only that. Over