jewelry locket wholesale How to get the Perfect Platform Pass tokens

jewelry locket wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry tampa florida Log in to the character every day will get 3 guild coins. Get 2 in the guild chat, and only two can be obtained every day. The number of people in the same association will get a contribution coin, and the number is unlimited. Swipe five union maps every day to get 10 contribution coins. Buy the guild's red envelope will also get contributions. Volume 100 points a day up to 500.
    dnf The player gets guild coins in the new version of the new version. 6 times. Players can also use the old version of the guild contribution to the guild coin. After obtaining a copy of the guild in the guild, the BOSS will drop 20 guild coins. It can clearly clear the customs three times a day and can clear the customs six times a week. The number of customs clearance times will be refreshing every Thursday morning.
    This game is a 2D scroll -type horizontal version of fighting through the game, which has inherited the characteristics of many households and arcade 2D fighting games. The task -guided character growth is the center, supplemented by copy, PVP, and PVE. It also has a change in equipment and grades with other online games, and has more than 500 equipment props. There are two ways to quickly get a large number of WMB in the game: 1. Purchase through trading platforms such as 5173, Taobao and other trading platforms; A high handling fee; I suggest that you sell ingot items on the World Channel (directly selling things in the Qiankun bag to other players).