jewelry wholesale bangkok Seeking to be born in financial storm novels

jewelry wholesale bangkok

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  1. hmong jewelry wholesale 1. Rebirth of the Financial War by Wu Mo Man Qingshan
    Brief introduction: Rebirth?
    and is it in the United States?
    So argument, rising in the United States?
    Culed Chinese -style "Roschild" to play the world!
    The see how Xu Ming stands behind Europe and the United States to control the world,
    The see how Xu Ming uses the power of the world to promote the rise of China.
    want to know these, let's look at "The Financial War of Rebirth"

    2. Crossing it to Shenzhen in 2005 and attached to a small person who eats soft rice.
    The financial knowledge accumulated by Zhang Zihua's previous life immediately played a role, and this little person soon became the focus of attention of others.
    , as a white -collar worker, he rocked from an ordinary assistant to the vice president of the group!
    , as an entrepreneur, he quickly established his own forces with a small popularity and began to emerge in the Chinese business community!
    As an entrepreneur, he gave many people in the country with a role model for learning!
    As an investor, he explained the true meaning of investment!

    3. Rebirth of the Queen of Finance by Qin Fish
    Brief introduction: Cowardly and inferiority Wen Rong, because of her husband's "pets', his father went out of the trough and gradually recovered his confidence.
    , however, when all hypocritical masks are torn away.
    Ilads when the husband yells out: "Your dad has a wild woman outside, the whole world knows, just your idiot knows it! Lao Tzu and his factory make the whole money! Always give him a wild to the wild. Women are strong! Who is this for who is this! Isn't it for this family, for you and children? "At the time, when she couldn't stand his increasingly exposed face, he proposed a divorce, and he was still in the cricket. When the middle son is delicate and tender,
    is discouraged, and she chose to escape temporarily. The emergence of a financial business education book changed her usual thinking.
    is to bring out the poor child, to give the mother a happy future. In the past few years, she worked hard and struggled, but she was still impoverished. When everything was moving forward, she was easily destroyed by the sudden detection of cancer.
    It the heavens to wait for her to end up, and then open her eyes, but she returned to the ten years old. Since it is reborn, then ...
    Note: The text is the history of inspirational family, non -small white text, non -NP text, non -abused text, in short Introduction to the financial empire by Mo Moshang
    : Rebirth, is it an unpredictable future or a brand new future?
    Mathers who have appeared around in their lives must grasp it firmly.
    The parents who are too late to enjoy their lives in life, and they must also enjoy their old age.
    The era of big waves, golden tentacles, and re -living, can he seize the opportunity and become the tide of the highest end of the pyramid?
    "Do not hold back, nor paranoid, do not interpret
    This to write your name and never stop in the legendary story"