5 thoughts on “How to open a Hong Kong stock trading account?”

  1. 1. Select a suitable broker, and then bring your ID card, residence certificate and other information to the brokerage business department to apply for account opening, go through the procedures for opening an account, fill in the account opening form, and sign the account opening document.
    2, brokers accept your account opening application and review you.
    3. After the review is approved, the brokerage will open a Hong Kong stock trading account for customers, as well as a bank’s dedicated trust capital account. Then inform the customer the account information, passwords, etc. through text messages, emails, etc.
    4. After receiving a text message or email about the account information, password, the remittance is remitted according to the prompts. Then you can conduct Hong Kong stock transactions.
    Pucting information:
    In Note
    1. To open the Hong Kong stock account account first, the shareholders account of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets must be opened first, and the account assets are required to reach 500,000 yuan per day on the first 20 trading days. Generally, securities firms support mobile phone or computer client self -service application, and do not need to go to the business department counters.
    2. Traditional brokers need to personally go to the counter in Hong Kong to submit the information to open an account. In contrast, it is more convenient to choose an Internet broker account. Just prepare an ID card or passport or address certificate. Applying the information online or going to the offline counter to submit the information. These processes have different regulations on each brokerage company. Specifically, you need to consult a securities company to open an account.

  2. Hong Kong stock account opening only needs to provide ID cards and residence address proof, and then sign a data form. Subsequently:
    . Data preparation
    1. Residential address certificate: The Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission requires Hong Kong stock investors to provide the current residential address certificate to ensure that investors can receive information from securities companies. Residential address proof can be used: hydropower, telephone orders, gas orders, funds, insurance bills, insurance bills, credit card delivery, etc. instead. The premise is that the document must be used for the document, and the customer’s name and address must be within three months.
    2, ID card and photocopy
    . Signing the account opening document
    1, the personal information of the customer securities (Hong Kong) staff (Hong Kong), and sign it.
    . The delivery of account opening information
    This (Hong Kong) After receiving the customer opening application and reviewing it, our company (Hong Kong) will open a stock trading account and the Bank of ICBC Asian Bank for customers. And send the account through SMS, Email, account opening letter, etc.
    1, SMS: Customers will receive mobile phone text messages sent by Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong), which contains stock transaction accounts.
    2.email: Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong) will send the “login password” and “transaction password” of the stock trading account to customers through email.
    3, account opening letter: Company (Hong Kong) will send account opening letter to customers.
    So far, the entire account opening process is completed, and customers can use accounts for Hong Kong stock transactions.

  3. Hello, the opening of Hong Kong Stock Connect needs to meet the opening conditions, as follows:
    1, the Shanghai or Shenzhen A -share securities account has been opened; 500,000 yuan (excluding funds and securities incorporated through financing and securities and securities);
    If you meet the opening conditions, you can apply directly on the trading software of the securities firm or apply for the opening of the business department.

  4. There are currently three methods to open a Hong Kong stock account: first, you can open a Hong Kong stock account through the Hong Kong Stock Connect, the condition is that you must have 500,000 funds; second, through the traditional brokerage company, the condition is that you need to bring your identity yourself. Certificate, residence certificate, and bank card copy to the counter to the Hong Kong counter for processing; third, you can open an account through the Internet broker, the condition is that you have to log in to the account of Ed’s account, and then fill in the account opening information as required.

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