Highway kart! 2.7 seconds breaking a hundred, the price is 1.31 million, and the global limit of 70 units

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  1. How to position this car? Kart or a super sports car? At the end of last year, the company released its latest highway version of D8GTOJD70. Its appearance looks good enough, but a large number of carbon fiber and science fiction style design make it look like a heavenly material.
    is a Dutch car manufacturer. They call this D8GTOJD70 "the first 2G supercar". The 2G mentioned here is not the network system we think, but the D8GTOJD70 can produce in the curve. The horizontal acceleration of more than 2G, and this can be achieved under the condition of the car with standard road tires.
    It the car is also equipped with a set of nankangar-1 competition specifications, and the performance is better. Although the tire is tire for the track, it still meets the road regulations on the road legally.
    Is when you bring D8GTOJD70 to the track, it is completely an excellent speed machine. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.5 -liter turbocharged inline engine from Audi. The engine on the Audi RS, the maximum power of the engine can reach 420 horsepower.
    The transmission system, the car is not equipped with a more advanced dual -clutch transmission or other types of automatic transmission, but is equipped with a more pure Tremec five -speed manual transmission. Officials said that such a combination can make the performance of this Audi engine to the extreme.
    In addition to excellent power performance, the D8GTOJD70 also uses the ultimate lightweight design. From the picture, you can see that the car is made of a large amount of carbon fiber material, so the quality of the car is only 700 kg. Among them, the tubular steel gradient of the body is also made of carbon fiber material, which takes into account strength and lightweight.
    If chassis and control, the D8GTOJD70 is also the first with an electric power steering, which also makes the car easier in the daily driving of the car. The control performance of the vehicle's high -speed state. On the braking, the car is equipped with six piston brake calipers before and after.
    The configuration can make D8GTOJD70 like a beast in the curve, saying that with the super light body quality and 420 horsepower, the acceleration of the car can exceed 1g, 0-100km/h The acceleration time is only 2.7 seconds, and the acceleration time of 0-200km/h is only 7.7 seconds. However, the performance of D8GTOJD70 is not outstanding in terms of speed, the highest speed is 280km/h.
    The limited edition of 70 units, the number of half of the line has now been offline. The starting price of D8GTOJD70 is 163,636 euros, which is about 1.31 million yuan. Sell ​​in other countries.
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