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  1. The clinical research and evaluation of new drugs
    The clinical research and evaluation of new drugs is the focus of clinical pharmacological research
    "Measures for the Review of Drug Registration Management" divided the clinical trials of new drugs into phases Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and IV. The approval of the State Drug Administration must be approved by the State Drug Administration. The clinical study of new drugs must follow the principles of Helsinki Declaration. It must meet the requirements of China's GCP.
    Note: The most basic requirements are security, effectiveness and the reliability of various data, and should be properly applied to the appropriate statistical method.
    The re -evaluation of market drugs
    E evaluation of the adverse reactions, efficacy, medication schemes, stability and expenses in the social population that have been listed in the social population meet the principles of reasonable, effective, and economical. The result of the re -evaluation of the drug is also the important basis for selecting basic national drugs, non -prescription drugs, etc.
    The re -evaluation working classification of market drugs: According to the problems existing in the market, the design clinical research scheme is compared and studied. Investigation and research, evaluate the safety and effectiveness of re -evaluation varieties.
    Candy adverse reaction monitoring
    The medication should be used reasonably, safely, and effective. First of all, you must have a clear understanding of the probably adverse drag reactions (ADRS) spectrum. Due to the restrictions of various factors before the new drugs, the understanding of its ADRS spectrum is very limited. It is necessary to complete a comprehensive evaluation of a new drug through the supervision of the drug listing.
    This responsibility for clinical pharmacological teaching and training
    The unbalanced development of clinical pharmacology in my country, the team has not grown, and has not yet formed a system of training system for clinical pharmaceutical science professionals. The gap is far away. Active measures must be taken: ① Establish and improve the training system for clinical pharmaceutical science professionals, masters, and doctors; ② During the clinical teaching stage of medical students, receive regular clinical pharmacological system education, master the theory and research method of clinical pharmacology; ③ The clinical pharmaceutical training of existing doctors must be strengthened. After years of hard work, Anhui Medical University has first opened a bachelor's, master, and doctoral degree in clinical pharmacology in the country. The improvement of clinical pharmacology in my country.
    The clinical pharmacological service
    Cophane clinical pharmacological research tasks to undertake new drugs
    This treatment drug monitoring
    Clinical reasonable medication