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  1. Children's Day Children's Day Children's Teachers sent a class to bless the children (Article 1) 1. I thank God for letting me have you, my child! In this special day, I wish you!
    . I want to lift you gently and see you giggling; I want to hug you tightly and see your little face growl; I want to hide from you with a cat, watch you run around; I want to give you you Telling the story and seeing you smiling.
    3. My biggest wish in this life is: spend Children's Day with you, then live with you, and then live with you on Valentine's Day, then ... and then ... don't think about Children's Day is for you.
    4. The childlike heart will be connected happily; the innocence is pure, so that the good luck is endless; the childlike heart is rippling and the health is healthy; Children's Day, I hope you will never be flawless and childish, and enjoy the scenery all the way!
    5. Children's Day, all of them are happy, all laughter, all of them are happiness, happiness, worry -free, simple, naive you are happy to holidays!
    6. Children's Day, my blessings will be delivered, I hope you work smoothly, a smooth sailing; happy life, happy and happy; troubles and happiness in your life; send a text message, wish you happiness.
    7. Children's Day, give you a bag of sugar, may your life be as sweet as honey; Liuyi Children's Day, give you big watermelon, I wish you life is happy; Worry -free, always innocent and happy!
    8. I hope when I was a kid: I woke up, just rely on the bed; when I grew up, I looked forward to: when I woke up, people were in class. My dear, Children's Day is here, no matter what wish, I hope you are happy every day.
    9. Wear a red flower and wish you childlike heart; plant a small grass, I wish you full of confidence; read a fairy tales, I hope you often have childlikeness; sing a nursery rhyme; A carefree era. I sincerely wish you a happy Children's Day!
    10. May your innocent eyes look through the black and white of this world; I hope your soft little hands grasp the beautiful present; I hope your kind mind dispels the disturbance of Ukiyo; baby, happy children's day, happy life!
    11. Childhood is a string of long -distance footprints. Although it is a long time, it still feels clear; childhood is a long -distance train. Although it is far away, it is still fascinating. Children's Day, I wish you back to your childhood and be happy!
    12. Friends, Children's Day is here, I wish you: there is a "child" wall and iron wall body, a child's innocent and worry -free mood, a "child" iron teeth ability, there is a group of " Tong's "friends who are in the heart, there is a" child "lover who is suffering, and a" child "life. Happy holiday! Don't forget to greet your childhood partners!
    13. You are the biggest today, you are talking about everything; you can eat whatever you want, and you can play whatever you want; the wind blows gently for you, the rain is gently sprinkled for you; Mom, mom and dad love you. Baby, Happy Children's Day!
    1 14. Thinking of childhood likes, the bird's nest has been digging eggs, mud and over -face, the ant moved to pee, and looked at the toy stall for half a day, and the hot springs were urinated in the nest. Liuyi, I hope you are infinitely childish!
    15. June 1st, happy meet, bless to give you a good mood. Children, smile, the flowers of the motherland are red. Hi Yangyang, laughter, happy childhood has longing for. Work together, chasing dreams, and happy time.
    16. Sunshine angel, happy June 1st, today is our festival, we sing, we dance, we are happy sunlight angels.
    17. Oh, my mother, I almost made a joke today. You do n’t know, you do n’t know how to do it, the crotch is broken, and a aunt on the road pointed to Hurry up, who is called June 1 today
    18. Thinking of that year, you are smarter than grandson monkeys, clever comparable gourds, bravery than Ultraman, naive and comparable to crayons. Although older now, it is still charming. Children's Day is coming, it's time to pass, I wish you a happy!
    19. Looking in the mirror, put away the smiling face and hanging happily. Total clothes, to get rid of the lightness. Go out and abandon the nature of the troubles and relax. I wish you a innocent and happy childlike heart!
    20. Don't move, robbery! Take out your sorrow and make your sadness and take out your troubles and take off your sadness. Happy Children's Day for Children's Day!
    The children of the Children's Day Children's Day to bless the children's copywriting (article 2) 21. Notice: Tomorrow is your holiday. I wish you a happy holiday in advance! Please go to kindergarten to pick up a lollipop, a piece of nasal nose, a piece of open crotch pants, and not wet. Featured!
    22. La la la, la la la la la, I am a blessing little walker, running every night every night, sending peace, sending good luck, your sincere sincere wish you laugh, and a text message will be good. Children's Day, I wish you a happy!
    23. June 1st is here. I wish everyone old -fashioned, drunk and full, worry -free, no trouble, and silly, young ladies, young ladies, young ladies, young ladies, young ladies, young ladies Happy holidays, happy every day!
    24. Butterfly flying in the sky, chasing children with music; swimming in the fish, happy children. Naive and unrequited, careless, carefree. Children's Day, I wish friends like children, carefree, happy and worry -free!
    25. Welcome to take the six -day light shuttle to take you back to the carefree childhood. Before boarding the plane, please remove all camouflage, release all the pressure, take a curious childlike heart, and wish a happy journey.
    6. Today, your festival is here, the letter is on the children's Day, sweet words are too fancy, the auspicious words are too vulgar, giving you a honeypot cover you, and you must take care of it. The worm drops! Children's Day, I wish you a smile, happy!
    27. In that year, whether there was such a girl who had nothing to do with love and had nothing to do with affection, but it was awkward to care about you. When you were helpless, he supported you with an umbrella.
    8. You who used to be a child: youth is not old, keeps innocent heart, has a sweet smile, children -like skin, carefree life, and have fantasy and longing for the future! Happy holidays!
    9. Although your childhood has long been away, even if your two are about to be white, even if your child is an adult, even if you step into the twilight years. On the occasion of Children's Day, I still want you to wish you: childlike heart and youth forever!
    30. It is pleasant in spring, the air is fresh, and the sky is clear. The sun has risen and warmer. Its golden light kissed everything happily, kissed our cheeks, so gentle, so kind, as gentle and gentle like a mother caressed her children!
    31. In that time, it was shiny; the memory was warm and beautiful; that was childhood. There is another child there. There is only innocence and kind in his world, that is you! Children's Day, let yourself miss the past!
    32. Little adults wish you a happy holiday and increase wisdom and age together.
    33. Today is Children's Day. I wish you a childlike heart, a lot of childlike, and childlike face. Although we are not childhood, childhood, childhood! But we must be childhood, childhood, childhood, happy child!
    34. Want to be happy? no problem. Want to eat sugar? Yes. Want to play mud? I accompany you. Want to wear little red flowers? I'll give it to you. Want to bite your thumb? Want to urinate? All your intentions. Who calls today is your festival? Happy Children's Day!
    35. This is a good festival. Friends who have thoughts, forget the trouble! Let today only have transparent joy, so that today there is only sweet joy! Come on, friend, blessing Liuyi, gathering six1!
    36. Give your child a smile and transmit happiness to you; give the child a hug, pass the warmth to you; give the child a kiss, move you with sincerity, Liuyi Children's Day, laugh with your children!
    37. Children's Day is really wonderful, and balloons float everywhere. Hands and play the game with your hands, and have no trouble. Singing and dancing may not be good, naive and unreasonable. The pure dream of the mind is high, and his will is firm. June 1st is here, I wish the flowers of the motherland become more beautiful and laugh!
    38. The busy gap adds a little naughty. The smart picture adds a fool. The pursuit of the field of giving up, the numb thinking leaves a little space for curiosity. Children's Day, I wish you happiness as more as children, and happiness like a blink of an eye.
    39. Good news: Liuyi Children's Day, good luck, showing tooth changes, rewarding a lollipop, telling the experience of urine bed, giving a piece of urine and not wet, your heart is not as good as action, quickly sign up!
    40. June 1 is here, really beautiful, flower laugh, birds, childlike, troubles, life beautiful, childlike laugh, sad run, childlike, happy, beautiful Ruyi, healthy body, sweet smile, children's day, happiness.