How can I find the job of a temporary actor or running a dragon in Guangzhou? I really want to know how to help you help

3 thoughts on “How can I find the job of a temporary actor or running a dragon in Guangzhou? I really want to know how to help you help”

  1. There are no film and television bases in Guangzhou to squat as mass actors, and the recruitment companies or crews cannot go. All these recruiting actors, including the place where the self -proclaimed crew recruits direct recruitment, will definitely let you pay for you in various names, so all are fake recruitment of scams. Don't touch them if you touch it.

    It, especially the rush network, 58 city is the hardest hit area for scammers. None of them do not need money, never go!任何一个真实的剧组都是有投资商的,一切费用投资商全包,不用演员掏一分钱,凡是说要交钱的,包括培训费、住宿费,伙食费,证件费、建档费、 Management fees, clothing fees, margin, etc. are undoubtedly scammers!

    Me listening to the remarks of foreign pedestrians. What industrial and commercial registration is true, a nonsense. In order to cover up people's eyes, those scammers are afraid that they say they are not formal. They all make the formalities more complete than anyone else. There are industrial and commercial registration, industry permission, and legal websites. When children come to learn piano, people are true at first glance, but they set up a company to engage in fraud recruitment. No matter how good the procedures are, they also lie to you without discussing it!

    The real media company signing also has costs, but that is the cost of packaging speculation, and it does not charge you a thousand children. They must arrange a few dramas within a certain period, arrange a few performances, play the role of several characters in the play, the order of appearance in the performance, etc. are clearly clear. What specific packaging hype must they do for you? What kind of effect must be achieved, not just collecting money.

    The real film and television company, including the crew, will never recruit amateur enthusiasts to the society. You take the initiative to find it. If you do n’t make an appointment, you will be driven away by security guards. They are all signed newcomers through professional channels, not to mention participants who have to sign a contract with professional colleges and votes. It is possible to sign you. So if the above situations have missed you, you can basically not be exposed to these real companies or crews. Moreover, if you are not yet adult, the regular company, including audition, must have a written consent in writing.

    The free preliminary audition activities in the entertainment industry are only for girls. No way, this is just a channel for Chinese characteristics, because some young actresses who have been stuffed in by investors often refuse to play some plays in the crew. Girls who guarantee no lens to deal with emergencies. No one man will refuse any drama, including the older actress, and no one refuses, so the director does not need to back up these actors, so the audition is not necessary to receive these people. Note that you must be a girl who can accept any lens needed in art to participate. Moreover, it is not the main actors, but the role of actors.

    I I am the former senior leader of the Beijing performing arts industry. I have retired now. For questions about how to participate in the free preliminary audition activity in the industry, please search for other similar answers here. You can also see the recruiter of Baidu Tieba, the masses actor (note that it is two words) in my top post, and my related posts in the scout bar, which contains my contact information. Since the article is too long, it is not detailed here. After reading, you can communicate with posts there. I don't have QQ, if there is any inconvenience, I apologize!