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  1. The development history of hairdressing is completely inseparable from the development and progress of fashion and hairdressing products. Make hair, including cutting, washing, blowing, blowing, hot, dyeing, pulling some different forms. The following is a brief introduction to the haircut company, welcome to see.
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    In Zhengzhou Dongdong Beauty Hairdressing Co., Ltd., under the leadership of General Manager Hou Ming, at present, ten large image design agencies have been opened in Zhengzhou. Hairdressing Shop, founding Xinghua Beauty Beauty Store in December 1998, founding Jin Shui Hair Store in November 2003, September 2006 Maojing San Road Beauty Hairdressing Shop, January 2009 Garden Road Beauty Store, 2010 CBD Dennis Store and Bao Bao Longcheng Plaza store. Jianye Store, Dongfeng Store, and Wanda Store are also being renovated.
    Tong Dongdong has led to the development of the Henan's beauty and beauty industry, leading Henan's beauty and beauty distribution industry to integrate with the world.
    Songdong beauty hairdressing is committed to seeking greater development in the future. Organize managers and all employees to participate in technical, services, and mental quality training every month, so that employees benefit from it. Master is engaged in researching beauty and hairdressing new technologies ... Continuously investing in training technology is the long -term behavior of Dongdong Company!
    Sdong beauty hairdressing has always been at the forefront of the hairdressing industry, and has served honestly, winning the trust and customer trust and customers Support, has been reported by many media. He has designed hairstyles for many celebrities: Wu Xiaoli, Xu Peidong, Li Xiang, He Yan, Tang Guoqiang, Song Zuying, Liu Xiaoling Tong ...
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    Hair, image design, management consulting, education and training and other fields. The company implements the business philosophy of "everything is customer -oriented and leads the trend of hairdressing in Shanghai", "provides the most complete services, creates the most outstanding brand, and creates the best employee" as a mission of unremitting struggle. At present, Shanghai Magic Society Hair Hair Chain Co., Ltd. has five operations including Magic Society's Safe Shun Road Store, Magic Society Huaihai Middle Road Store, Magic Society Longyu Road Store, Magic Society Fahua Road Store, Magic Society Lujiazui Branch The venue, Shanghai Magic Social Hair Hair Chain Co., Ltd., built a hairdressing training center of more than 200 square meters in the commercial area of ​​Huaihai Road and Yan'an Road Center in January 2011.
    Magples of the magic club to lead the hair fashion and capture the trend of styling. Everything is for customers and everything for innovation. The enthusiastic and thoughtful services of the magic society are not only recognized by industry experts, but also established a good reputation among the consumer groups. Go further. The magic -based hairdressers have continued to encourage themselves, maintain fashion sensitivity, and focus on market trends, rely on professional technology, and take the hairdressing brand as the core. They are committed to creating a new and Shanghai -hairdressing brand that has been praised by consumers.
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    Xianna Beauty Beauty Hairdressing Co., Ltd. has experienced more than 20 years of experience. It has become the largest and most authoritative modern Chinese medicine cosmetic institution in the country. It is based on the theme of modern Chinese medicine and beauty , Medical Beauty (mainly the treatment of various problems with problems), weight loss slimming, health care, and sub -health conditioning "comprehensive beauty and health museum".
    The has nearly 30 branches, a large number of Chinese medicine researchers, and senior professionals. It mainly develops, promoted and applied modern traditional Chinese medicine beauty technology, and developed scientific research projects such as balanced medical beauty, balanced slimming, and essence of qi, especially in traditional Chinese medicine beauty weight loss and female disease conditioning.
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    Maxim (Maxim) (Maxim) starting a business in 1978. It is a popular personal image design company with a history of more than 30 years. For a long time, Maxim has been committed to the construction of corporate culture and technology teams to cultivate employees who have both morals and talents and honesty. Serving society and beautifying life, guiding the new trend of hairdressing and beauty and fashion as a consistent pursuit of goals, and taking integrity trading as the purpose of the corporate. "With our dexterous hands, the beautiful and decent dress dressed in every guest, so that it can feel the beauty of life and the confidence of beauty. At the same time, we also experience the lofty and satisfaction of the career in the process of creating beauty." This is the mission of Maxim hair stylist.
    Maxim adheres to the company's own cultivation of the hairstyle, but it is not technically selfish. While accepting the invitations of relevant parties at any time, it is also responsible for lectures and exchanges from all over Japan. Edit send a letter to work. Maxim is people -oriented, singing noble professional ethics and life ideals, so as to create a large number of hairstyle design talents that have been deeply trusted by customers, they (she) constitute Maxim. Therefore, in this local industry in Japan, the name of Maxim has become a symbol of trustworthy and assured.
    Maxim hair salon, which is invested, operated, and managed by the plant -style club, and was technically responsible for the technical club. Especially in technology, members of MAXIM entrepreneurs and senior hairstyles themselves themselves themselves. Overseas companies. In order to let everyone feel the same service of Japan Maxim here, we will make unremitting efforts for this goal.
    Maxim, this is a technical group that always seek new. Everyone who practiced here not only wants you to feel the warmth and kindness of [Bin Zhigu], but also hope that you can get your expectations The most fitable fashion.
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    The Shanghai Yongqi Beauty Beauty Hairdressing Chain Business Institution was founded in 1999. Mr. came to Shanghai in 1991 and entered the study of professional technology and management and management of the beauty and beauty distribution industry. After several years of hard work and the pursuit of unremitting career, the unique business philosophy created a unique business philosophy. Yongqi Beauty Hairdressing Management Co., Ltd., Yongqi Beauty Hairstyle Technology R