White Granite Styles

White Granite Styles

Homeowners and designers have begun to turn towards white granite as a favorite material in kitchen and bathroom design. This solid stone is admired due to its toughness, various designs as well as its ability in lightening up any type of space. Unfortunately, this is mostly thought of as one group but there are several different types of white granite on the market and you will struggle to fill an entire article with 1 type that utilizes multiple rooms!important; ore commonly known)

White Granite Styles
White Granite Styles

Alaskan White Granite

With a bright background, streaks of pale silver and flashes of black flecks; Alaskan White Granite pops. This white granite is mainly derived from Brazil and for the clients who are looking for neutral color scheme with a little bit spark, this type of granite would make an ideal option. Granite generally consists of 60-70% quartz, which results in a hard-wearing and polished appearance suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or stone flooring.

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite is an Indian stone that consists of a creamy base with red and grey specs. This granite has a bit lower quartz content as well, around 55-65%, but still provides substantial strength. Kashmir White is especially prized for its muted beauty, which suits both modern as well as traditional decors. It is also a desirable material used in interior applications such as backsplashes and islands.

Mystic Spring White Granite

Mystic Spring White Granite — The bold streaks of white and grey mingled with a black mineral deposit make for a noteworthy appearance. This is a mined in Brazil, and its patterns are formed by cables of liquid that flow together to create uniquely beautiful slabs. Cheyenne with its 65-75% quartz content means you are purchasing a granite that is not only stunning but extremely durable too. These are best suited for any high traffic area in both homes and commercial properties.

River White Granite

One of the key reasons River White Granite is so admired is its simple linear grain pattern, was looks quite like a flowing river. A lighter background similar to Moon White but with small burgundy spots and flecks of gray, this granite comes from India. Generally, its composition combines nearly 60-70% quartz making it aesthetically pleasing and functional in durability. River White Is Ideal in Larger Spaces When the Pattern Can Truly Be Seen

Colonial White Granite

Extracted from quarries in India, Colonial White Granite is a beautiful granite with an off-white background that includes subtle light gray veins and specks of small darker minerals. It is slightly less filled with quartz, at a ratio of around 50-60 percent but still provides strong wear and tear resistance. Granite This type of granite is ideal for projects where a subtle and at the same time elegant look is required.

Why Choose White Granite?

You can get some benefits of choosing granite white. It is extremely hard, heat and scratch resistant, and cannot be altered or damaged regardless of the age. Moreover, its wide range of patterns and tints are perfectly suited for all types of design scenario????

Knowing the various kinds of white granite is vital if you want to introduce this natural stone into your project. All come in their unique form of design to cater for different requirements. From the bold veining of Mystic Spring to the breathless beauty of Kashmir White, white granite countertops are versatile enough to move between traditional and modern spaces.