1 thought on “What is the meaning of the lotus necklace”

  1. The meaning of the lotus necklace:
    1, clean, clean
    because the growth environment of lotus leaves is poor, but it does not have a dirt that is contaminated by the size. Therefore, the ancestors gave the emerald lotus leaf pendant's clean and self -good meaning. Therefore, many people like to use lotus leaves to metaphorize themselves.
    2, more than years of wealth
    The lotus leaf alias lotus leaves, so its homophonic "linked". In order to make this type of emerald pendant, it is more popular with people. It usually carves with fish, which means that it has been more than year after years, symbolizing the life of the holder to become richer and richer.
    3, family harmony, descendants prosperity
    to lotus leaves, harmonic "harmony", so it represents He Meimei. And the lotus puff symbolizes the family's inheritance and prosperity. Therefore, the emerald lotus leaf pendant implies the family harmony and the prosperity of the descendants.