1 thought on “How much is a necklace?”

  1. Jewelry jewelry shop sells necklace. The price of necklace ranges from tens to tens of thousands. The types of necklaces are generally distinguished by the materials used, such as platinum necklaces, foot gold necklaces, K gold necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, diamond necklaces, pearl necklaces, red or sapphire necklaces, and gold -plated silver necklaces. Among these necklaces, the history of gold necklaces and silver necklaces is the longest.
    The shape type of the necklace
    square wire necklace, this necklace is one of the best -selling varieties in the market. Its diameter is thinner, so it is more suitable for people with slender necks. There are two types of 18K and 24K, which makes the wearer graceful and loved. The piston necklace, the whip necklace is more thick and strong, and it is more suitable for older people, mainly 24K gold.
    dual -set necklaces and three sets of necklaces. These are complex necklaces with processing process. They are characterized by strong three -dimensional sense, elegant and beautiful, and young women wear more.
    , fancy necklace, this is a new style of development in recent years. Its style has changed quickly and is most popular with young people. The fancy necklace is combined with the combination of the method necklace and the whip necklace. It is composed of fine patterns. It also has a rough necklace body and a variety of dotted floral crushed. It is also combined with jewelry. The pearls and treasure are particularly gorgeous and noble.