2 thoughts on “Six -Fujin Jewelry can change other gold for free for a few days”

  1. Generally, there are invoices for 30 yuan per gram, which is not cost -effective. Other shops are generally not recognized. Except for quality issues

    It recommended invoices to see the invoice name
    n December 16, 2014 to around 240 yuan, about 285 yuan in gold jewelry, 250 yuan in gold, and recycling 220 yuan. You can follow up and verify;
    If beware of similar "Xingbang" case and Golden Jia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, despise some helping administrators

  2. Six blessings are not clear? I only know that the "Shandong Mengjin Garden Jewelry" is 9.1-9.9 for the gold jewelry of 9.1-9.9 per year, but the overweight of the excess money is to make up for ...