4 thoughts on “What jade is good for your body? Especially the cough of the elderly?”

  1. Lantian jade, my old man brought this jade. It is a kind of health jade. Here I will introduce you to see

    The physical laboratory of Lantian Yujing shows that it contains a variety of trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, copper, etc. n. For the human body, it has the effects of relieving muscles and promoting blood circulation, beauty and other effects, Lantian jade is considered health care jade. Frequently wearing jade wares can enable the micro

    of the jade in the jade to inhale into the human body through the skin, which can balance the imbalance of yin and yang qi and blood, and make people eliminate diseases and health. Lantian Jade is famous for ancient

    The is known as the beauty of "jade species Lantian". For the effects of jade health and medical treatment, many medical works in my country have records

    The Outline "," Shennong Materia Medica "," Tang Bencao "are interviewed, and the head is" the meeting of Zhuyang and the same pulse ". Mid -

    Thenaters have the habit of sleeping in pillow jade since ancient times. They use natural Lantian jade raw materials to make a comfortable, beautiful and practical jade pillow. Health care is inspected by many units such as (Peking University Geological Department) and (Shaanxi Provincial Land and Mining Bureau), which proves that it contains a variety of

    The jade pillow is almost a must -have in the Lantian family. People are confident that jade can cure diseases. There are historical records: Tang Shi has

    Nerashi in the Yushan of Lantian, and there is no water in the well in the well. Du Fu said at this

    This, recite the "Mealing method without recording, the Ming Dynasty and entered the Lantian Mountain".

    Ili people to learn from this historical record and boldly explore the new path of health care of Lanyu products. Their Ferry Prize = 有 有 There is the saying of "head cool? Br>
    warm" and people have the habit of "pillow jade and sleep". The trace elements of health

    , through the contact of the human body, they can play a health care role. According to the medical community, Lantian jade pillow has a decrease in patients with hypertension

    natural effects such as blood pressure, brain, and clear heart. The traditional jade pillow looks like a rectangular stone, which is hard and bulky. Therefore, it is mostly popular in the "Lantian Community"

    In wearing jade wares not only because it can be beautifully decorated, but it also has a role in promoting human health.
    It wearing jade is good. I have brought jade since I was a child

    . As early as 2000 years ago, the people of our country used jade for medical care. Such as "Shennong Materia Medica" and "Compendium of Materia Medica" and other ancient medical masterpieces are recorded: jade has "removing medium heat, relieve annoyance, moisturize the heart and lungs, helps the throat, nourish the hair, nourish the five internal organs, soothe the blood, bloody pulse, Ming Ming, Mingming pulse, Mingming pulse, Mingming pulse, Ming Dynasty "Ears and eyes" and other efficacy; 106 kinds of jade are used for internal and external cure methods. It is also recorded that if the jade is "long -serving the cold and heat, not hungry, not a fairy."

    The analysis of modern creatures, physical, and chemical analysis: Many jade contains more than ten trace elements that are beneficial to the human body: such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese ... ..Wait. Because jade studies are the most abundant substances in "qi", wearing jade wares can make the trace elements contained in jade inhale into the human body through the skin, so that they can balance the imbalance of yin and yang qi and blood, and make people eliminate health care. For example, zinc element can activate insulin, regulate energy metabolism, maintain the immune function of the human body, promote children's intellectual development, and have anti -cancer, malformation, anti -aging and other effects. Manganese elements can fight the damage caused by free radicals to the human body, participate in the synthesis of protein and vitamins, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, anti -aging, and prevent dementia, osteoporosis, and vascular porridge sclerosis. Selenium is part of the glutathione peroxidase. It can catalyze toxic peroxide to be restored to harmless hydroxyl compounds, thereby protecting the biological film from its harm and playing anti -aging effects; it can also relieve it Harm and heavy metals such as cadmium and lead to poison in the human body can enhance the human body's immune function, improve the body's disease resistance, and achieve the role of anti -cancer and cancer.

    The Department of Biological Engineering of Southeast University adopted modern technology research showing that the human body itself produces temperature fields, magnetic fields, and electric fields, thereby constitute a "biological information field". This "biological information field" will produce a corresponding spectrum, known as "biological waves". "Biological waves" can generate biologics, which has a peculiar effect, namely photoelectric effect.

    Scientific instrument test: Jade also has this special "photoelectric effect". In the process of applying pressure, cutting, and polishing of precision processing "Electromagnetic field", and radiate a far -infrared wave that can be absorbed by the human body, which in turn induces the strong resonance of cells and molecules in the human body, makes it slightly massage, improves the microcirculation system, so that the blood circulation of the human body is accelerated and metabolized, activated, activated Cell tissue, regulate the precise operation of meridian qi and blood, enhance rapid response, and improve the immune function of the human body. Therefore, some Chinese medicine says: "Some diseases can not be used to do medicine, but often wearing jade can cure the disease." This is the reason.