Physical activity and personal health

First of all, sports can improve one's physical health, improve and strengthen one's psychological quality, and at the same time, sports can improve one's mood. When the mood is depressed, go to exercise can effectively vent bad mood. In particular, impulses generated after setbacks can be sublimated or transferred.

Secondly, sports can cultivate people's will. Participating in sports helps to cultivate people's brave indomitable, persistent style, unity and friendship of the collective spirit and intelligent and flexible, calm and decisive quality, but also make people maintain a positive attitude.

Thirdly, sports can make interpersonal relationship harmonious. Due to the collectivity and openness of sports, interpersonal communication in sports can promote the development of good interpersonal relations, harmonious relations, solidarity and cooperation.

Physical activity and personal healthFourthly, sports make people know themselves correctly. People in the exercise of their body satisfaction can enhance self-confidence, improve self-esteem; Competition makes their social value recognized.

Fifth, sports promote behavioral coordination and moderate response. Sports are mostly carried out under the standard requirements of the rules, and we are all carried out under the guidance of the rules. Therefore, sports play an important and positive role in cultivating people's good behavior.

Finally, sports can foster a sense of cooperation and competition. Cooperation and competition are the requirements of modern society for talents. Sports is under the requirements of the rules, so that both sides in the equal conditions of physical and psychological competition.